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Future Concepts based upon March 5, 2004 paper prepared by the Action Committee and presented by Corinne Brooks.

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1 Future Concepts based upon March 5, 2004 paper prepared by the Action Committee and presented by Corinne Brooks

2 Purpose of the Assembly: The Middle Rio Grande Water Assemblys purpose is to assure effective implementation of the Regional Water Plan so as to achieve the common interests of the people of the Region for a sustainable water future that balances water use with renewable supply in accordance with the stated goals of the Regional Water Plan.

3 Purpose of the Assembly: To accomplish this purpose the Assembly is committed to seeking an open, inclusive, and participatory process, including all stakeholders. Besides taking actions on the Recommendations, implementation includes monitoring, evaluating, promoting and facilitating the achievement of the Plans mission of balancing water use with renewable supply. Implementation also includes refining and updating the content of the Plan to reflect progress and new information about the water resource and demands upon it.

4 Water Assembly Roles: Promoting Water Plan Recommendations Monitoring the Array of Implementing Agencies Keeping Current with Data on Water Supply and Demand Reporting upon Implementation Status, Actions, and Outcomes Encouraging and Supporting Regulatory and Legislative Actions Refining and Updating the Plan Content Educating and Communicating all parties on Water Issues and Possible Actions

5 Proposed Working Teams E/O - Educational and Outreach Activities Create a speakers bureau for both the public and for the Water Action committee to continue to provide information about water issues, management strategies, new technology, and how the water plan relates to all current issues.

6 Proposed Working Teams L/S - Local/State Government and Interregional Support Identify contacts, develop and strengthen relationships, and provide assistance in policy making decisions to meet plan objectives.

7 Proposed Working Teams PPU -Plan Monitoring & Progress Updates Critical to following plan objectives but not a very busy group until implementation moves forward and updates are needed.

8 Proposed Working Teams CM - Cooperative Modeling refining. Continue to work towards improving many of of the variables and assumptions, and make user-friendly and available on the Internet.

9 Proposed Working Teams A&F - Administration and Finance. Needed for all organizations to meet bylaws, state requirements of nonprofit groups, accountability, funding efforts, and website operations and maintenance.

10 Assembly Action Plan Projects and Milestones As an initial statement, the Assembly has identified a multitude of project areas with major tasks as being appropriate for the coming years. Your handout lists those project areas as assigned to a prospective team.

11 Assembly Action Plan Projects and Milestones THEY ARE OVERWHELMING! It is our goal today to try to break out into volunteer groups and formulate an annual plan that would identify and prioritize those action items that should be accomplished in the next year.

12 Goals for the Water Plan The following goals have been established to support the mission of the MRG regional water planning process: Ensure that the Mission is fulfilled through fair, open and inclusive public planning and implementation processes. Preserve water for a healthy native Rio Grande ecosystem. Preserve water for the regions agricultural, cultural, and historical values. Preserve water for economic and urban vitality. Preserve water for the qualities of life valued by residents in the region.

13 Goals for the Water Plan, cont. Develop broad public and official awareness of water facts and issues, especially the limited nature of water resources. Conserve water. Promote a system of water laws and processes that support the regional water plan and its implementation. Provide appropriate water quality for each use. Manage water demand consistent with the stated mission. Balance growth with renewable supply.

14 Its Your turn! THE WATER ACTION COMMITTEE SOLICITS YOUR HELP IN IMPLEMENTING THE MIDDLE RIO GRAND REGIONAL WATER PLAN. Split into groups that represent volunteering for specific working teams and discuss how to proceed with priority action items. Then, reconvene, with each group/team providing a brief report on their three actions.

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