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PPLE - Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics

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1 PPLE - Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics

2 Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics
Welcome by the Dean Studying PPLE - Four principles - Curriculum - Theme: Decision Making - Talent Development Programme - Student guidance Further practical information Lunch

3 Welcome by the Dean

4 Studying PPLE

5 Four principles An interdisciplinary environment
A demanding academic programme A small-scale and intensive study environment A research-based programme

6 Curriculum 3 year BA programme / 180EC
(1 year, 2 sem, 3 blocks, 60 EC ) Academic core (108 EC) - Interdisciplinary courses - Integrative seminars - Research Methods Specialisation (60 EC) - Bachelor thesis Electives (12 EC)

7 Curriculum content- First year
Semester 1 Doing Research I Doing Research II Integrative seminar I Justice Talent Development Programme Beyond Hierarchy I Law, Justice and Morality I Semester 2 Philosophy of the Social Sciences Doing Research III Integrative seminar II Solidarity Economics, Markets and Organisations I Decision Making I

8 PPLE course: Decision Making

9 Decision making Frenk van Harreveld

10 Rationality










20 Studying PPLE (continued)

21 Curriculum content Year 2 and 3
Semester 3 Specialisation Integrative seminar III Talent Development Programme Law, Justice and Morality II Rhetoric Semester 4 Elective Beyond Hierarchy II Semester 5 Specialisation Integrative seminar IV Talent Development Programme Economics, Markets and Organisations II Decision Making II Semester 6 Thesis Doing Research IV Elective

22 Talent Development Programme

23 Talent Development Programme
Lectures Skills Events Clubs CEOs NGO executive directors Young politicians Filmmakers Researchers Study skills workshops Intercultural communi-cation Fundraising Campout Visits to International Courts in The Hague Visits to European Union offices Film festival club Student Ambassadors TDP planning committee

24 TDP: Assessment Extracurricular Not really Portfolio Reflections
Selected work Reviewed with tutors Required to pass TDP

25 TDP: Organisation First semester Coordinator Second semester
Student Committee Four subcommittees Lectures Events Skills Clubs

26 TDP kick-off tomorrow! What? Opening by Edgar Du Perron,
Dean of the Law Faculty with guest speakers: - Margot Ende, SOS Children's Villages Martijn Snoep, de Brauw Blackstone Westbroek Roland Waardenburg, the Rock Group Where? The Vondelkerk Vondelstraat 120, 1054 GS, Amsterdam When? Tuesday August 26th at 5pm followed by drinks & bites

27 Student guidance

28 Student Guidance – the system
Support transition from secondary school to university, both academically and socially Fulfilling your potential Facilitating (academic) career exploration Access to extra opportunities

29 Student Guidance – in practice
Tutor For academic matters, related to PPLE programme Helps you to fulfil your potential as a student Gives direction At least 4 individual meetings Student counsellor Extracurricular activities, e.g. summer course Advice about practical matters: funding, insurance, housing, etc. Personal problems Gives more in-depth advice or provides a listening ear Drop-in sessions and appointments, referral function

30 Practical information

31 Classes From Monday September 1st onwards
Lectures (2x 2 hours a week) at Oudemanhuispoort (Law Faculty) Tutorials (2x 2 hours a week) at Plantage Muidergracht ( REC N) – PPLE Building Doing Research tutor group 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 Beyond Hierarchy tutor group 1,2,3,4,5 or 6 Tutor groups + individual meeting

32 Schedule first week Monday
Doing Research 1 Lecture (Oosterwijk) (OMHP F.201c) Beyond Hierarchy Tutorial: Campus Tour, groups 1, 3 and 5 (REC N) Beyond Hierarchy Tutorial: Campus Tour, groups 2, 4 and 6 (REC N) Tuesday Doing Research Tutorial group 1,3 and 5 (REC N) Doing Research Tutorial group 2,4 and 6 (REC N) Wednesday Tutorial group 1,2,3 Study skills workshop (REC N) Tutorial group 4, 6 Study skills workshop (REC N) Thursday Friday Tutorial group 5 (Jansen) Study skills workshop (REC N) Beyond Hierarchy 1 Lecture (Beinisch) (OMHP D.109) Doing Research Tutorial group 2, 4 and 6 (REC N) Doing Research Tutorial group 1, 3 and 5 (REC N)

33 PPLE Points of contact What Who E-mail Office hours Student Desk
Various Daily Student Counsellor Marije Breukelman Tues & Thur Admissions Office Roger de Beaumont / Susanne van Reenen n/a Communications Officer Ine van Zeeland Student ambassadors

34 Important information
Check our website: Student Handbook Examination rules and regulations Reading list – see hand out Blackboard Important information

35 Don’t forget to…. … fill out contact form on laptop
… hand in final documents at admissions office … check your tutorgroup and schedule … pick up your books … come to the kick-off of the Talent Development Programme tomorrow at Vondelkerk .. attend the first classes on the 1st of September

36 Lunch in tutor groups Group 1 (Alison Fischer) Group 2 (Tobias Arnoldussen) Group 3 (Nick Domjanjic) Group 4 (Simon Hadlich) Group 5 (Elmar Jansen) Group 6 (Noah Millman)

37 Group 1 Alison Fischer Carme Arcarazo Sempere Oyezi Falmagne Julian Findlay Lieke Giltay Nikki van Gompel Menno Gruijs Rozemarijn Jens Alexander Jordaan Martha Le Grand Sebastiaan Maliepaard Marlot Mulder Jiří Münich Davud Nanić Rodiek Lino Thomas van der Sommen Caroline Spanaus Guy Tocker

38 Group 2 Tobias Arnoldussen
Radvilė Bankauskaitė Melissa Beeston Catharina van Es Else Groen Lukas Klima Didi Koenders Freek van Leeuwen Johanna Moser Tom Plusje Mihaela Popov Anne ter Rele Gijs Reusken Daan te Riele Nico Spruit Alvaro Vizcayo Shayne Willette Jiewen Ye

39 Group 3 Nick Domjanjic James Addison Lucas Assunção Rangel Diandra van Duijn Can Gerlach Jolien Huisman Iris van 't Klooster Farshad Labib Emma Rengers Thomas van Schie Alexandra Serebriakova Niall Sherlock Christine Stroes Hanna Swarts Georgios Vasilikos Julia Verheul Ernesto Villanueva Valdovino Brandt Weber Noam Yahav

40 Group 4 Simon Columbus Thomas Abma Kristian Agergaard Aleksandra Borovitskaja AaLeiyah Clifford Anne Craanen Emma Doherty Berend van Erp Levon Hayrapetyan Rosa Janssen Gabriella Lange Sophie Lemij Lize Lou de Monchy Andrius Mosejevas Marilique Nijmeijer Jim Odenhoven Anthony Veryard Fabian Wang

41 Group 5 Elmar Jansen Eva Berger Sinziana Bunea Miltiades Collyer Fernanda Costa Pinheiro Hanna Doose Kees Foekema Mia Georgis Willem Kimman Roemer ter Linden Frank Morley Phillip Morris Béla Strauss Hannah Sweering Pieter ten Thije Berend Verweij Max de With Patricia Zetterbeck Cardenas

42 Group 6 Noah Millman Joshua Bar-El Ezra Becu Marko Bekić Cesare Carissimo Zoe Cohen-Bull Fenna Eerenberg Noemi Evangelista Itay Garm Anne Geurts Matas Grunskis Kiki Holshuijsen Jochem Jordaan Samuel Kobes Phillip Lee Julien Rühl Husna Simba Marlene Straub Fleur Valk

43 Thank you & enjoy your first week!

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