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Welcome to BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management (HO) Admission with Credit Students.

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1 Welcome to BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management (HO) Admission with Credit Students

2 Welcome to BSc (Hons) International Hospitality Management (HO) Programme Lead Angela Maher

3 Oxford School of Hospitality Management Donald Sloan Dalene Claassen Head of School Programme Administrator

4 Setting the Scene What are the objectives of today? Subject Meeting Agenda What will I know by the end of this meeting? The modules that make up your programme The programme regulations How to find help Next week – where, when and why The rest of the week Meet my Academic Adviser (have you signed up for an appointment?) Student Support Co- ordinators Explore the campus Wheatley Carnival (if you can fit it around your meetings here)

5 Jargon Buster Programme Lead Module Leader Seminar Leader Academic Adviser Student Support Co- ordinator PIP Programme Module Brookes Virtual Mitigating Circumstances Virtual Office Door Office hours

6 Honours Degree Programme Structure for honours 8 Level 4 + 16 Level 5&6 modules (at least 6 modules at level 6 - honours level) Minimum 8 modules at Brookes for Honours Structure for non-honours 8 Level 4 + 12 Level 5&6 modules (no level 6 modules required, but can still choose them) Brookes expects all students to study 8 modules for a full time programme Some compulsory and some elective modules

7 Putting your programme together BEFORE YOU MEET YOUR TUTOR TOMORROW or FRIDAY Log into PIP and click on your Record & Results tab and look at the list of modules you have been given credit for Using the programme diagram on pages 11 to 13 of your programme handbook, cross off which modules you have been given credit for Any modules left on the diagram are compulsory and will need to be added to your programme You need six level 6 honours modules (designated honours on PIP) If you are taking non-honours you do not need any level 6 modules Register for 4 modules each semester choosing from list of compulsory and acceptable modules (see Pages 12 and 13 of programme handbook) Use PIP to find out when modules are running and to ensure no timetable clashes U54074 Leadership & Professional Development is a SINGLE credit module even though it runs in both semesters. You do not need to take this module if non-honours.

8 Deadlines for registering your programme When? Deadline for changes to this semesters timetable is 5pm this Friday September 21 st. How? Look at your PIP page for information about elective modules and think about which you would like to do, Check they do not clash with your compulsory modules, Put them on your PIP record and results page and print out your first semester timetable and programme (help available with this at the drop-in session today 9am-5pm Fhg10a) Confirm them (or make changes) with your Academic Adviser at your meeting tomorrow or Friday morning.

9 Where to go for help 1 Student Handbook (printed) Useful contact details Programme structure Academic year explained How to make the most of being at Brookes Online from the Brookes homepage Supporting Students Handbook A-Z of student services Study resources and Support Services

10 Where to go for help 2 In the Faculty Academic Advisers (Office Hours) Module Leader Seminar Leader Student Support Coordinator

11 Student Support Coordinators Linda Heap Martina Kaupp-Roberts Izzy Bunn Michelle Hicks Email: Telephone Gipsy Lane:01865 483424 Telephone Wheatley: 01865 485567

12 Where to go for help 3 Student Support Co-ordinators This week: Thursday 22 nd September, Wheatley 1-2pm and 4-5pm in W201 The Student Support Zone, Simon Williams Undergraduate Centre Friday 23 rd September, Wheatley 9am – 5pm in W201 as above Friday 23 rd September, Headington 9am – 5pm FH104a, Fuller Building

13 Where to go for help 3 Student Support Coordinator Office Hours at Gipsy Lane (from week 1) Fh104a (Fuller Building) Monday 10-2 Tuesday 10-2 Wednesday 9-12 Thursday 10-2 Friday 10-2

14 Where to go for help 4 Outside the Faculty Help desks all week ( Academic Management Office Finance Office Accommodation Office Library helpdesk IT Support Upgrade Student Union

15 Your Academic Adviser Meeting Have you signed up to see your AA this afternoon or tomorrow morning? Dont forget to take with you Your printed programme Your printed timetable Your completed form and photo

16 What information do I need for next week? 1.Have you chosen the modules you want? 2.Do you have four module credits per semester? 3.Do you have your printed timetable? 4.What time do you start your classes? 5.Where do you need to be for your classes? 6.Do you know where the class is located (campus AND building)? 7.Do you know the bus times if you need to be at Wheatley? 8.Do you know how to log into and use BV and PIP

17 Module Format Module Guide (Moodle) includes: learning outcomes that you must achieve to pass the module Assessment tasks, deadlines and marking criteria Reading lists Each single module represents 150 hours of student effort; average 10 hours per week per module You are expected to study substantially outside of the contact time.

18 Student Reps and Bacchus STUDENT REPS Pro-active representation How do I sign up? Who can tell me more? Welcome lunch in Week 2 BACCHUS STUDENT SOCIETY Social and educational activities How do I sign up? Bacchus elections Look out for emails Postgraduate Programmes

19 Friday, 21 st September Integrating into Brookes Advice on referencing, using the library, study skills, etc. Fh108 11am – 12noon

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