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When the music at the start of the video begins the camera pans round to the main star. This is the introduction to the main character and the narrative.

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Presentation on theme: "When the music at the start of the video begins the camera pans round to the main star. This is the introduction to the main character and the narrative."— Presentation transcript:

1 When the music at the start of the video begins the camera pans round to the main star. This is the introduction to the main character and the narrative to the video. This uses music video conventions of real media products as the character is introduced at the start of the video. The way the camera pans round from the window to the character develops the conventions of the way characters are introduced as it pans into a story, usually in the rock/indie genre the main star is usually immediately introduced within the narrative.

2 In the second still from the music video we used the characters clothing to represent the conventions of the typical rock/indie genre. The main character has his hood up, with headphones in. The look shows that the main star has a casual star persona, making the character relatable for the target audience, showing a laidback and carefree idea about our main star.

3 Typically within the indie/rock genre the main star shows a sense of rebellion (especially in rock videos). The sense of rebellion is usually shown in the performance shots, not within the narrative therefore we are developing the use of genre conventions in regards to the indie/rock genre. As the main star is walking and pushes past two people there is rebellion against society, within real media products this uses media conventions. We see more of the characters clothing in this shot with the mise-en-scene of the clothing further using genre conventions to form a narrative with the backpack bag representing the sense of ‘going somewhere’ or a journey of finding something or someone which is a typical use of narrative within the indie/rock genre.

4 Throughout the main narrative we edited performance shots which were cut into the storyline. Our product uses the forms and conventions of real media products as, whatever the genre, most music videos have performance shots. However within the rock/indie genre performance shots usually involve props such instruments including guitars and drum sets. Our music video challenges this area of the genre as we uses non-typical conventions just shooting a close up shot of the main star to connect him with the audience. This showed the character ‘stripped down’ as there was a disconnection from the narrative with the main star almost talking to the audience relating to the lyrics as he explains how he feels.

5 This long shot shows the main star walking towards the camera using conventions of normal music videos. In this sequence jump cuts were used to match the beat of the music; this fast paced editing technique uses conventions of the rock/indie genre in real media products especially if the music is up tempo. We see a rural environment using the environment to form the narrative - with the big open space around the character showing that the character is still looking.

6 This shot is shown within the montage sequence, showing and shows the ‘Nandos’ sign, this uses conventions shown in real media products within the rock/indie genre as it further adds to the narrative of the main star looking for someone/something. The montage of shots were collected from locations in Cambridge, with the places being cut to the beat the sequence shows the locations of where the main star and the girl have been two with these places holding memories.

7 In this performance shot we see an extreme close up of the main star. This uses genre conventions to show a connection between the main star and the audience which is regularly used in music videos throughout a wide range of genres.

8 This higher angled shot shows someone typing ‘Where are you?’. This clip comes in towards the end of the music video and is the main narrative for the music video. We have used genre conventions of the rock/indie genre because it is typical for this genre of music to have a similar narrative with a boy meeting a girl. There is product placement for the iPhone which is now typical in mainstream music videos and the black slightly chipped nail varnish shows the boy to be meeting a girl with a more ‘hard edged’ look as opposed to a typical girly girl - this subtle technique of showing black nail varnish further uses conventions of the rock/indie genre of real products to indicate the age of the target audience and gives clues as to what type of person would listen to the bands music.

9 Our digipack for the album ‘Burn Away’ uses typical conventions of real media digipack producs. The frontman for the band ‘Mindless Affliction’ is shown on 4 out of the 6 panels and presents the band a star persona, this is used throughout many genres to present the persona to a target audience. The colour scheme is simplistic and shows consistency throughout the digipack which uses conventions of real media products. Inspiration was drawn from real digipack ‘Riot’ by the indie/rock band ‘Paramore’ and shows the lyrics to ‘Bunker Hill’ curved and distorted in the inside panel, we used this convention as fans of the music for the band ‘Mindless Affliction’ will be able to view and sing along to the lyrics of most popular song ‘Bunker Hill’.

10 Our poster for the album shows constancy with the digipack to promote the album and music video, wearing similar casual clothing to represent the main singers laid back star persona. The poster uses conventions of regular posters to promote the album with simplistic text and font to clearly state the albums release which is used in other rock/indie genre posters such as band’s ‘Nine Inch Nails’ which promotes their album ‘Pretty Hate Machine’. Other conventions used for this poster is the facebook page and twitter page in which fans of the band can follow or ‘like’ them - This brings in the social media aspect where fans can interact with the band making them feel more connected to the people in the band.

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