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Curriculum innovation: intercultural communication for students Dr Linda Cadier 5 March 2014.

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1 Curriculum innovation: intercultural communication for students Dr Linda Cadier 5 March 2014

2 Intercultural communication in a global world Curriculum Innovation Module ‘Broadening Horizons’

3 Session plan Background to development of module Design of module Module programme Feedback from students ‘conceiving internationalisation in HE’

4 Vision in module development Internationalisation Curriculum innovation in content and design Broadening horizons Offered by Modern Languages across all subjects and all undergraduate years (target year 2)

5 Leading employers rank ”ability to work effectively in multicultural teams” as the most important attribute for global graduates. Report Global Graduate. Global Graduates into Global Leaders Association of Graduate Recruiters (agr.), Council for Industry and Higher Education (CIHE) and CFE Research & Consulting (2012)

6 Cultural intelligence and language skills will influence the success and effectiveness of individual employees and the overall organisation Multiple generations in the workplace will add complexity to managing people and projects Enterprise social media tools will fundamentally change how employees communicate and collaborate. Rosetta Stone Three evolutionary trends

7 Programme of study Defining culture Cultural values – what does it mean to be British? Language and culture Globalisation and culture Working and studying in multilingual groups Deconstructing stereotypes Intercultural competence Intercultural communication and the internet Superdiversity

8 Learning activities Individual and/or collaborative group research Using and collaborating using online resources from Blackboard and the Internet Exploring problem-based scenarios Individual study Reflective diary or blog, internet presence awareness Attending cultural events e.g. Global Cafe, or International Conference Participating in online chat for a or social networking Designing posters or websites to promote an event/module Reading tasks

9 Learning outcomes reflect on how cultural norms differ understand how behaviour and language can be adapted to make communication more effective critically evaluate ones own intercultural competence understand how to minimise misunderstandings and miscommunication in an multicultural and/or multilingual context work and study effectively and confidently in a range of multilingual and multicultural situations; explain to, and help, others to develop their intercultural skills

10 Transferable skills demonstrate good, general communication and interpersonal skills; manage ones own learning and personal development more effectively; reflect on and develop ones own communication skills; carry out basic intercultural research; operate in difficult situations with confidence.

11 Assessment Portfolio - 4 pieces of work including a reflective blog (wordpress), personal diary; completion of the autobiography of intercultural encounters or reflection on a cultural representation – 60% Complete online learning resources, make weekly contributions to the seminars and online discussion board – 20% Individual contribution to group presentation activity – 20%

12 Project work Oral presentation of group small-scale research project to showcase the intercultural awareness and competence developed: Design and presentation of a poster for the module An intercultural event (for different audiences – general students, international students or students from your discipline, university lecturers or business people) Role-play (option of “multimedia” component linking to external resources such as web pages, audio or video files embedded for the portfolio)

13 Student feedback Conceiving internalisation

14 Questions? Thank You!

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