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Youth worker competences The European context By Tsvetelina Ilieva, SCAS E-games: Empowering youth work.

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1 youth worker competences The European context By Tsvetelina Ilieva, SCAS E-games: Empowering youth work

2 contents Youth work –what’s it about Youth worker key competences European portfolio: Why portfolio? What’s its goal How it works Advantages & challenges

3 context of youth work Youth work is essentially made up of different relationships. It does not tell “the whole story”; rather it can be seen as a useful entry point for reflection by youth workers/leaders as part of an internal and external dialogue about their competences.

4 Key purpose work with young people to: facilitate their personal, social and educational development; enable them to gain a voice, influence and place in society in a period of their transition from dependence to interdependence.

5 key competencies Youth worker Young people Youthwork Build relationships with young people Facilitate young people’s learning and their personal development Enable young people to organize and take responsibility for activities, events and projects Promote core values of youth work Plan, manage and develop youth work Support and develop effective, efficient and ethical practice in youth work

6 European portfolio for youth worker Initiative of the Council of Europe to promote the recognition of non-formal education/ learning of young people, and of competences acquired in this framework through the practice of youth work.

7 aims of the portfolio there is a need of youth workers and youth leaders in non-formal education/learning settings to have an instrument which could help them: a) identify, assess and record their competences, b) describe their competences to others c) set their own learning and development goals.

8 why portfolio Why portfolio To act as a model for organizations to develop their own portfolios To enable self- assessment and assist users to develop their competences To provide youth workers/leaders w/t voluntary assessment tool To describe what a competent youth worker is able to do and be

9 youth worker –key functions When reading these functions, you are encouraged to consider the international dimension to your work. Where do you see your work and the realities of young people as having links to other countries and people? Think globally, act locally is as important as acting globally and thinking locally!

10 empower 1. to empower young people enable young people to participate through developing collective action and learning; help the development of the confidence, knowledge, skills and understanding of young people; get in touch with them on an emotional level; widen their awareness of the concepts of power and change.

11 develop 2. to develop learning opportunities provide young people with appropriate guidance and feedback; take advantage of spontaneous learning and development opportunities in everyday life; identify any special learning needs; use a range of educational methods and techniques; stimulate the creativity of young people.

12 3accompany 3. to accompany young people in intercultural learning process facilitate young people’s recognition of their cultural background, values and behaviour; promote active tolerance and interaction with people from other cultures at home and abroad; work creatively with conflict towards peaceful solutions; assist young people to define their place in a changing world.

13 contribute 4. to contribute to organisational and youth policy development find resources and manage them; manage others and work effectively in teams; work for change and development within organisations cooperate with others to shape youth policy

14 use 5. to use evaluative practice plan and apply a range of participative methods of evaluation; use appropriate information technology tools when necessary; demonstrate skills in report writing and presentation for a variety of audiences; research and use results to influence practice.

15 feedback to self-assessment Spending time in self-assessment is very enriching and can reveal a lot to each of us. The Johari Window -useful tool in explaining the role of feedback in educational settings. ??? Any suggestions Johary Window ??? Any suggestions

16 jonari window in youth work The top left window arena covers the aspects of yourself that are known to you and are clearly evident to others the façade covers the aspects that are known to you but hidden from others – usually related to your motivation for doing things, your thoughts… the blind spot covers those aspects that are known to others but not to you arena blind spot façadeunknown

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