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A Healthy Partnership Indigo Shire Council & Beechworth Health Service.

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1 A Healthy Partnership Indigo Shire Council & Beechworth Health Service

2 Healthy Eating – a region wide focus

3 Upper Hume Primary Care Partnership  Beechworth Health Service  Indigo North Health – Rutherglen area  Tallangatta Health Service  Upper Murray Health & Community Services – Corryong Area  Indigo Shire Council & Towong Shire

4 Upper Hume PCP Integrated approach – How?  Lead roles  Monthly steering group meeting  Online project management tools  Shared responsibilities  Work plans

5 Healthy Eating Plan 2012-2017 Key objective: ‘To develop partnerships with local government to implement initiatives that support increased access to and knowledge of healthy food choices for 0-12 year olds and their families’

6 How we work together: Beechworth Health Service & Indigo Shire Council  Provide health promotion resources & link to health professionals  Planning, policy & strategy  Healthy Food Connect framework  Programs, activities

7 Opportunities  Kids Health Days  Indigo Shire Pool Movie Nights  School Holiday Movie  Walk to School Month  Healthy eating messages in Early Years Service Guides

8 Health Eating Information

9 School Holidays Movie day Health fun & food

10 Council Reflections  Great to be able to tap into the expertise of other professionals for advice  Broadens the knowledge of shire staff  Allows engagement with a wider sector of the community  Expands the service that we can offer to residents- valued adds to what we already do  Empowers people with knowledge and ideas that are backed by professionals from the health sector  Assists with breaking down barriers around the work and services that the shire offers i.e. not just roads, rates and rubbish  Shared resources- allow more efficient work for improved outcomes

11 Health Service Reflections  All age groups have enjoyed the healthy alternative  Positive response from parents  Relationship development between health service and council has been positive  Expands our reach  Reduces the feeling of working in isolation in a rural area – creates a team.

12 Where to from here?  Review of Council Plan and Healthy Children and Families Plan  Potential for food policy change at ISC More collaborative work in planning for events and activities

13 Getting the thumbs up!

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