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CO-OP EDUCATION PROGRAM TARGETED COVER LETTERS Guidelines for writing an effective Co-op Cover Letter + Reference Sheet Format

2 COVER LETTERS PURPOSE Indicate availability and interest
Summarize expertise related to position Show why you should be interviewed Highlight your writing skills Cover letter should compliment resume but also be able to stand alone

3 COVER LETTER FORMAT One page Left Justified 11-12 font
Same style as resume 1/2 to 2/3page of text Three or four paragraphs Open / Sell / Close

4 COVER LETTER FORMAT Your postal address Date Employer postal address
Salutation with a name indicated Dear Ms. Brown Without a name Re: State Position

5 OPENING PARAGRAPH Include Position and where you found
posting – ie: CareerLink Mention your degree, what work term you are seeking and when you are available

Indicate any course work or projects from your degree that relate to the position Mention major projects or reports that highlight your knowledge base Also mention any optional courses that would help you succeed

Review posting and ensure to highlight skills mentioned Elaborate with specific examples from work, volunteer, sports or academic experiences

8 CLOSING PARAGRAPH Thank employer for consideration
Mention something specific about the company Indicate why you are excited to work with them Include phone number and address This information should be on both the cover letter and resume

9 SIGNATURE Sign with “Yours truly” or “Sincerely Yours”
Leave four spaces Signature Your name Encl. Directly below your name – indicates at least one enclosure

10 DELIVERY Email Attach cover letter and resume as one document
Title document with your name and job title If possible submit a pdf version rather than a word doc

11 COVER LETTER BASICS Your cover letter is part of your first impression to the employer It is also and example of your writing skills EDIT AND PROOF READ!

Your Address October 23, year Company Name 444 7 Ave. SW Calgary, AB T2P 0X8 Re: Co-op Student, Applications Business Unit Please consider the attached application for the co-op position that was posted on CareerLink. I am a third year student at the University of Calgary pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and I am looking to start my first co-op work term in January . As an Economics major, I believe that I bring a strong set of skills suited for this position including research, analysis and knowledge of SPSS gained from my coursework. I have strong research and organizational skills from courses including an introductory econometrics course. As well, in a Sociology course, (Name of Course) I contributed towards a research project, and as part of a team compiled data using SPSS and wrote a 20 page research paper regarding this research. The final project was presented to a class of 35 using graphs, photos and video images with the aid of PowerPoint slides. In my role as the Vice President of the Economics Student club, I helped coordinate two major conferences and two events that each attracted over 100 participants. I have strong communication skills gained from my role as Orientation Leader for the Student Success Centre at the University of Calgary, where I lead tours of the school for prospective students and visit high schools to speak to students about the University of Calgary. I am interested in working for the Calgary Counselling Centre, as I would like to assist in the success of your valuable organization by participating in the cost-benefit analysis of CCC’ services. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you and discuss this position further and can be reached at (phone and ) Thank you for considering my application and I look forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Student Name Encl.

13 REFERENCES You take your list of references to the interview
Format top of sheet to match your resume This will include your name and contact info

14 REFERENCES List 2-3 references Indicate position of reference
Provide correct contact information Be sure to ask references prior to interview Follow up with a thank- you


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