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Practical Experiences of a College Nikos Savvas Salford City College.

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1 Practical Experiences of a College Nikos Savvas Salford City College

2  23 local authorities in the NW, 9 of the 30 highest Indices of Multiple Deprivation scores across England are for Local Authorities within the North West (Salford being 13 th most deprived)  It is home to the UK's largest manufacturing sector; and will become Europe’s second largest media hub  It has an economy worth £119 billion - the UK’s largest regional economy and bigger than 15 EU countries

3 CBI Education and Skills Survey Extract (2010) “… A wide range of employers value staff with STEM skills for their analytical ability, but they are also essential to growth in high-value sectors such as low carbon and advanced manufacturing…”





8  A new college, the product of a merger of three colleges  STEM an area of priority with quality of provision variable across centres

9 We wanted effective professional development for our teachers that would deliver  Well designed and investigative science lessons that enthuse and inspire learners  Active pupil participation in learning with very high levels of engagement and understanding

10 “The aim is to improve science teaching to inspire pupils by providing them with a more exciting, intellectually stimulating and relevant science education, enabling them to gain the knowledge and the understanding they need - both as the citizens and as the scientists of the future.”

11 “Support teachers in enhancing their professional skills by learning more about contemporary scientific ideas and in experimenting with effective teaching approaches and gaining experience of modern scientific techniques.”

12  Excellent CPD with an invaluable drive to work collaboratively and share best practice across teams in STEM subjects.  Extensive use of the facilities at the SLC Didsbury. All STEM staff attended sessions.  Further development of these links with the SLC delivering themed sessions in college.

13  Success rates are high in access to higher education provision, GCE A levels and a majority of AS subjects, as well as in the National Diploma in applied science; a course with significantly increasing numbers of students  The proportion of students that progress to higher education from all courses is exceptionally high  Lessons are consistently interesting and are well planned, with a good mix of learning activities that build sequentially on students’ knowledge and understanding

14  Students demonstrate good development of study skills and the ability to work both collaboratively and independently. By the time they have completed courses, they are accomplished learners  Exceptional leadership stimulates both staff and students to overcome barriers to achievement. The management of the curriculum has a clear and focused drive for improvement  The effective and systematic identification and sharing of best practice are well developed. Accurate self-evaluation is sufficiently critical and recognises areas for improvement as well as strengths

15 Thank you

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