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ONLINE CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK E-GUIDE Click Here to Enter Press ‘Esc’ to exit.

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1 ONLINE CRIMINAL RECORD CHECK E-GUIDE Click Here to Enter Press ‘Esc’ to exit

2 Registering The Club Starting An Application The Applicant Process Verifying Applications What Happens Next? Further Help Press ‘Esc’ to exit

3 Main MenuNext 1. REGISTERING THE CLUB Club Welfare Officer sends an email to indicating that they wish to register. Remember to include the CWO name and club name on the email. Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

4 Main MenuNextBack CWO receives an email reply with an Information Sheet and a Registration Form attached. Complete the attached Registration Form and send it by email to Press ‘Esc’ to exit

5 Main MenuNextBack The FA CRB team will add your club to the online system. You will receive an email which contains two attachments: 1.Guidance notes for the CWO 2.Guidance notes for the Applicant The guidance notes for the applicant is used by the applicant to start the process. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

6 Main MenuNextBack Additionally, you will also receive an email confirming that you have been added as a verifier for your club. Click the link highlighted and choose a password. This is unique to you and should not be shared. Also note the Organisation PIN (highlighted), which is unique to your club and is used when you log in to the system. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

7 Main MenuNext 2. STARTING AN APPLICATION The Club Welfare Officer must provide the applicant with the Guidance Notes for Applicant (provided in the registration email to CWO). In particular, the applicant needs the Org PIN and Secret word (highlighted) Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

8 Main MenuNextBack Applicant goes to and clicks Applicant enters details as requested and clicks Next. Applicant enters details as requested and chooses password. Clicks Register to complete registration. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

9 Main MenuNext 3. THE APPLICANT PROCESS Applicant goes to and enter details as requested. Click Login. NB – There are detailed guidance notes available to download from the login screen. Additionally, throughout the process help text is displayed to the right hand side of the screen.guidance notes Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

10 Main MenuNextBack Applicant enters personal details as requested, taking particular care to include any relevant: Middle names Additional names Additional address history Passport number Driving Licence number National Insurance number Press ‘Esc’ to exit

11 Main MenuNextBack Applicant chooses ID documents that they wish to have verified. Please note that some documents have specific expiry dates. Further document guidance can be found When sufficient ID has been selected, red bar at the top will change to green. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

12 Main MenuNextBack After applicant has submitted the application for verification they will be shown a list of the ID documents they selected to have verified. A list of people within the club who are able to verify documents will also be listed. A verification meeting between the Club Welfare Officer and applicant must now be arranged. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

13 Main MenuNext 4. VERIFYING APPLICATIONS When the CWO logs into the system, defaults to a list of applicants awaiting verification. CWO finds relevant applicant and double clicks on applicant name. Verification screens will load. Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

14 Main MenuNextBack CWO checks that the personal details provided match those on the ID documents provided. NB – If at any point the CWO spots a mistake on the application during verification, click the reject button and enter a reason for the rejection. This will return the application to the applicant. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

15 Main MenuNextBack CWO enters ID details from documents provided. When they have entered the details for each document, they should click the tick to accept the document. NB – If an applicant has chosen to bring alternative documents to those selected, simply choose alternative document as appropriate. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

16 Main MenuNextBack If appropriate, the applicant’s volunteer status can be changed. CWO selects the position that best describes the applicant’s role from the dropdown list. CWO clicks to proceed to the next step and submit the application. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

17 Main MenuNextBack Before the FA CRB can deal with your application, a payment must be made for its processing. Once you have clicked to pay for the application, enter billing details and click Purchase. You will be directed to Paypal. Follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

18 Main MenuNext 5. WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? In order for a CWO to keep track of the status of criminal record checks for the club, they use the Members’ Services area for the club. This can be found on the top right hand corner of the screen on the local County FA’s website. Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

19 Main MenuNextBack From the Members’ Services link, click on Member Login, as highlighted. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

20 Main MenuNextBack Use your FAN number and Password to login. If you don’t have access, please click Request Access. If you have forgotten your details then please click on Forgotten Details? Press ‘Esc’ to exit

21 Main MenuNextBack Once logged in, click on Safeguarding on the left hand side of the screen and click to see a Club Status report. You can see the applicant FAN, name, date of birth, role, criminal record check issue date and outcome. Press ‘Esc’ to exit

22 Main Menu 6. FURTHER HELP For further help on the online criminal record check process, please use the following: Help text provided on the right hand side of the application Guidance notes for both applicant and Club Welfare OfficerapplicantClub Welfare Officer Email assistance is available by contacting Phone assistance is available on 0845 210 80 80 Back Press ‘Esc’ to exit

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