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Transferring Thermal Energy

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1 Transferring Thermal Energy
Section 2

2 Transfer of Thermal energy
Happens by two methods Particles Waves

3 Conduction The transfer of thermal energy by the collisions between particles of matter Explain how a metal spoon is heated by a Bunsen burner Air particles near flame Particles in spoon nearest flame Particles in spoon farthest from flame

4 Heat Conductors The rate at which conduction occurs depends upon the type of material. Heat moves faster in _____________ Heat moves slower or not at all in ___________

5 Convection Liquids and gases are classified as fluids because _______________ Convection is the transfer of thermal energy by fluids The movement of fluids from a _________ place to a _________ place.

6 Heat Transfer by Currents
What happens to fluids as the heat up? Expand Density Rise As they rise they cool off and then what happens?

7 Radiation How does the energy from the sun get to the Earth?
Radiation is the energy transfer by electromagnetic waves These waves travel through space or matter Other examples

8 Controlling Heat Flow How do you control heat flow?
How do animals in the artic control heat flow? How do animals in the desert control heat flow? What about the color of fur or skin?

9 Insulators Insulators are materials the resist the flow of thermal energy Air an excellent insulator Metals are not How does a thermos bottle work?

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