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Energy in Earth’s Atmosphere

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1 Energy in Earth’s Atmosphere
Section 16.1 Section 16.2

2 Energy From the Sun Almost all of Earth’s energy radiates from the sun in the form of electromagnetic waves Electromagnetic waves - can move through empty space - classified by wavelength

3 Energy in the Atmosphere
The amount of energy that reaches the surface is affected by the atmosphere Some sunlight is absorbed or reflected by the atmosphere before reaching the surface

4 Energy at Earth’s Surface
When Earth’s surface is heated, it radiates most of the energy back into the atmosphere as infrared radiation. Not all the heat escapes back into space

5 Thermal Energy and Temperature
Temperature – the average amount of motion of each particle of a substance

6 Thermal Energy and Temperature
Thermal energy – The total energy of motion in the particles of a substance Teapot and cup of tea have the same temperature. The teapot has more thermal energy because it has more particles.

7 Measuring Temperature
Air temperature is usually measured with a thermometer. Contains a liquid (mercury or colored alcohol) that expands up the tube when heated.

8 Temperature Scales

9 Temperature Scales Converting temperature scales oC = 5/9 (oF – 32)
oF = 9/5(oC)+32

10 Heat Transfer Radiation – transfer of heat by electromagnetic waves
Conduction – transfer of heat by direct contact Convection – transfer of heat by fluid movement and differences in density

11 Heat Transfer The troposphere uses all three methods of heat transfer

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