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Industry Outlook The new on-line registration process within EMITS The New Tenderers Presentation for the Industry Space Days.

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1 Industry Outlook The new on-line registration process within EMITS The New Tenderers Presentation for the Industry Space Days

2 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 2 Contents Introduction The Registration Process The Access Modes Where to start? The contents of the questionnaire (s) The Mandatory Field * The filling out of the questionnaire Entering the Management Contacts Defining within your entity the EMITS roles Completing the other parts of the questionnaire Submitting the questionnaire to ESA for validation And After ??? Recommendations Where to get Help ?

3 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 3 Introduction If you are reading the present guidelines it is because you decided to become a ESA tenderer - you are not yet a registered entity –There is no registered EMITS user within your organisation –You will be registering your entity - you will be filling out the ESA on-line questionnaire and you will be submitting it for validation for the first time. –You will be benefiting from the features and services offered by the new on-line system (e.g. accessibility, technology marketing) and by EMITS

4 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 4 The Registration Process Staff of your company – Person interested in registering the organisation Visiting EMITS – as a Guest Coordinating the filling out of all the parts of the questionnaire With specific consideration for the mandatory fields Getting all the traffic lights green and/or yellow – Mandatory fields properly filled out Submitting the questionnaire to ESA for validation Submission button appearing on the mean screen only when all the lights are green and/or yellow ESA Validation - Notification - Additional User-ids And Passwords -Questionnaire published Accessing the questionnaire –Entity Registration

5 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 5 The Access Modes The person registering your organisation will receive a PIN NUMBER after filling out and saving the three initial fields of the questionnaire: –This number is necessary in order to access the questionnaire. –It can be shared with staff of your entity you would like to contribute to the filling out of the on-line questionnaire –Once your questionnaire will be submitted to ESA it will not be anymore operational –Please save it The other staff could have access only if so requested by the initiator of the registration.

6 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 6 Where to Start? Open the URL: in your browser. EMITS will open in “guest” access mode and allow you to register your Entity as ESA potential Tenderer. Click the Entity Registration button.

7 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 7 1) Type here your Entity Name. 2) Select the Entity Type. (extra input field help is available when clicking the “?” box) 3) Select the Country your Entity is located. NOTE: All Field indicated with a red colored asterisk “*” are mandatory. 4) Press the Save button. After Saving, you will get a PIN number. (do not forget to write it down)

8 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 8 The contents of the questionnaire(s) The entity information that is required depends on the Entity Type. A)Industry Firm B)Service Firm C)Non-Profit Organisation D)Other General Information: for all Entity Identification Official Registration VAT & Social Security Numbers Organigram Establishments Contacts: for A, B and D Chief Executive Officer Chief Financial Officer Space Business Manager Contacts: for C Head of Institution / Dean Head of Administration Responsible for Space Activities Activities / Projects / Products & Services for all Staff & Facilities for all Key Financial Figures for all Ownership / Subsidiaries: for A, B and D Structural Relations Working Relations Firm Shareholder Subsidiary Achievements for C Space Activities Space Projects Activities not related to Space Bidder Information / EMITS Users and Roles Entity Information Administrator Entity Information Administrator Deputy Entity Information Reviewer Entity Invoicing Administrator

9 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 9 The Mandatory fields * All mandatory fields are marked with a red star They have to be filled out even if it would not be applicable for your entity (e.g. write not applicable or NA) In case of scroll list please select or enter one item All the fields concerning telephone and fax have to be used emails are all mandatory fields They all have to be properly filled out if you want to get the green/yellow traffic lights for each part of the questionnaire The existence of one single red light prevent “the submit for validation” button to appear on the main screen

10 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 10 The filling out of the questionnaire Until you Submit your Entity information to ESA the Status is “In Preparation” The Validation History link shows you when the Entity information was last updated. All Entity information you enter is kept in a Work Area that is only accessible by you via the PIN Number. You can Save the entered Entity information and come back another time. The 7 Categories need to be filled in. You can use the Edit button to start the update of a Category. The Traffic light indicates the completeness of the data in a Category: RED means insufficient information entered ORANGE means sufficient information entered GREEN means complete information entered With the View All button you can list all Entity information you filled in and use the Browser Print button to print it.

11 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 11 The first Category, General Information asks you to fill in Entity information like address, description, company organigram and when applicable your Establishments. Some input fields have pre-defined lists to select from and optionally allow you to enter your own information. When selecting the Country, the FAX/Phone country code will appear automatically. Select “None” for no information or “Enter:” to enter your own information. A pop-up window will prompt you for the information to type in.

12 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 12 When you are ready you can Save the entered Information. The Main Screen button will bring you back to the List of Categories. Make sure you Save the information you typed in from time to time. After 30 Minutes your session will become expired. When the information entered in the General Information Category is sufficient, the traffic light becomes orange. You can start now editing the Contacts Category. In the Contacts Category you can define the Business Cards for your Staff. To access again your Entity Information, enter your PIN Code and press the Save button.

13 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 13 Entering the Management Contacts You have to define Contacts for the 3 Function. (all can be the same person) Click on the link representing the Function of the Contact. You will get a Business Card to complete for this Contact. Repeat the registration of Business Cards for each mandatory Function. In the Change Log you can see what and when is changed and by whom. Business Cards for other staff functions you can make later in the Bidder Information/EMITS Roles category. Would you like to enter more business cards the opportunity is given when entering new EMITS users under bidder information/ bidder code contact

14 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 14 Complete the Business Card and press the Save button. Then navigate to the Main Screen and Edit Contacts category to add a new Contact. When all 3 Functions have their Contact, the Traffic Light on the Main Screen for Contacts will become green. After you registered the first Contact and later add the second, you will be prompted with a list of the existing Business Card(s) from which you can select. You can also enter a new Business Card for this Contact. In this case select Enter:.

15 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 15 Industry Outlook The Entity Information Administrator (EIA) can:  Access and Update the Entity Information whenever necessary or when requested by ESA.  Submit the Entity Information to ESA.  Access published Entity Information.  Update or Request EMITS Userid’s for the Entity Staff and defining their Role.  Request to add or remove ESA Bidder Codes for his/her Entity. WARNING: If you update the Entity Information, you will remain the EIA until your Entity Information is submitted to ESA for validation. An Entity Information Administrator needs to be assisted by one or more Entity Information Administrator Deputies. They have the same functions available as the Entity Information Administrator. The Entity Information Reviewer can do the same as the Entity Information Administrator except submitting the Entity Information to ESA. (He or she can help the EIA filling in parts of the Questionnaire) The Entity Normal User can read the published Entity Information and read EMITS Tenders (Intended Invitations To Tender/Invitation To Tender) and optionally express interest for both (this can be defined by the Entity Information Administrator or its Deputy) The Entity Invoicing Administrator is the Entity Contact Point for financial and payment matters. He or she has the same access rights as an Entity Normal User. Defining within your entity the EMITS roles

16 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 16 Under Bidder Information/EMITS Roles you can define the Contact point for your Entity and the EMITS Users who will maintain later your Entity Information. (Entity Information Administrator and its Deputy) Note: When later ESA has validated your Entity Information and assigned you an ESA Bidder Code, the Entity Information Administrator can add EMITS UserID’s for your other staff here as well. Add the Business Cards for the 3 mandatory EMITS Roles by clicking the links. √ Contact Point under Bidder Information. √ Entity Information Administrator √ Entity Information Administrator Deputy. Upon validation by ESA, the Entity Information Administrator will receive a notification by e-mail.

17 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 17 Also for this Role you can select an existing Business Card or create a new by selecting Enter: Click the link ESA Bidder Code Contact. Note: This person will also appear later in the Yellow Pages. When finished, repeat the actions for the remaining two EMITS Roles. For all these persons an EMITS UserID will be created. You can indicate if an EMITS User is suppose to Express Interest for your Entity in Tenders published on EMITS.

18 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 18 Completing the other parts of the questionnaire Complete the 4 remaining categories. After updating the traffic light should be Orange or Green. In category 3 you can select Enter: to fill in a field. The View All button will show you all information you entered per category. You can print this before Submitting for validation.

19 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 19 Submitting the questionnaire to ESA for Validation When all categories are filled in (no Red lights) a Submit for Validation button will appear. When you press this button, your request will be handled (validated) by ESA. Note: You cannot make any changes to the Information you entered after this. In the notification to ESA you can add your own text in the body. Please do not overwrite the included link. Press Send to deliver the notification to ESA.

20 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 20 And After ??? The by you defined EIA will receive a Notification giving the status of the registration In the case of acceptance the service desk of ESA is automatically informed about the necessary user-ids and passwords to be provided to the newly registered emits users – they will receive their user-id and password as soon as possible. When ESA is accepting the information submitted the questionnaire is automatically published – some data become automatically visible to everybody in the yellow pages. The on-line questionnaire becomes again accessible for the EIA who could carry on with any further adjustment The EIA can ask new EMITS access or remove some EMITS access or change some data without ESA validation. In that case the button “submit” appears instead of the button “Submit for validation” The Entity registered EMITS users will have access to the questionnaire on “view mode”

21 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 21 The Role of the Entity Information Administrator (EIA) once your questionnaire will be published coordinating the filling out of the questionnaire (can ask colleagues, to be assigned the role of reviewers, to fill out parts of the questionnaire) Submitting the questionnaire to ESA for Validation Managing the access to EMITS within his/her organisation Defining the roles within his/her organisation concerning the on-line registration (e.g. EIA deputy, reviewers) Updating the questionnaire

22 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 22 Recommendations Remember your Pin number until the submission of your questionnaire to ESA. Take care specifically for the mandatory fields Delegate the filling out of some parts of the questionnaire to colleagues (e.g. personnel/project/finance)

23 Industry Outlook 25/08/2014IAS-JLV/OW-EUI-SI 23 Industry Outlook Where to get Help ? The On-Line Help in EMITS. If you have Technical problems, you can contact the Service Desk There are several sources from where you can get help. Information on the ESA Industry Portal Click the when displayed in front of an input field if you need Help on the contents for that field.

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