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©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential External User Guide AECsoft USA, Inc. 1776 Yorktown, Suite 435 Houston TX 77056 713.439.0744 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential.

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1 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential External User Guide AECsoft USA, Inc. 1776 Yorktown, Suite 435 Houston TX 77056 713.439.0744 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential

2 Preliminaries Common conventions used: Drop-down Lists In most drop-down lists in Windows, you may type the first character of the word or phrase to quick-scroll to the first entry with that letter. Repeatedly pressing that letter will advance the highlight bar to the next entry that begins with that letter. Once you reach the end of the list, it cycles back to the first item in the list that begins with that letter. Submit Button Click this to accept any changes made and save your data to the database. It will also redirect you back to the initial page where you started.

3 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Preliminaries (Continued) Close Button Selecting this button will close the pop up window without saving any changes. You will be taken back at the page which contains the link of the pop up window. Bold (*) Fields Required On any form you encounter on the site, any field that is bold or has a red * next to it is required and must be filled in. Calendar Most date fields in the system can have the date filled in either by typing it directly into the field, or by selecting it using the calendar control. Navigate to the correct month and year using the controls at the top of the pop-up window then click on the desired date.

4 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Log In In your browser, enter The Login ID and Password are from the Email you have received. Use the Forgotten your User Name Password? link to retrieve your login information.

5 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Forgotten Password Clicking on the Forgotten your User Name Password? link opens a pop up window. Enter either your Registered User Name. The login information will be sent to your Registered Email address.

6 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential 6 Table of Content General Features 7.Supplier Application 8.Registration Process 9.RFx Menu 10.RFx Menu Outlook 11.Bid Opportunities 12.View RFx & View Auction 13.Inquiry Details 14.Q&A Board 15.Intent to Bid 16.My Bid: Questions 17.My Bid: Items 18.My Bid: Optional Line Items 19.My Bid: Attachments 20.My Bid: Summary

7 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Supplier Registration Step 1 Complete the initial Supplier Application to register your company with Boyd Gaming. Fill out Section 1. Business Information and Principle Owner(s) Information, required fields are marked with the red arrows. Click Submit at the bottom of page to submit your application. You will receive your Login and Password in the email you provided.

8 Table of Content ©2008 AECsoft USA Confidential Registration Process Company Profile Business Biography: provide company background and other business related information. Insurance Information: provide detailed insurance information. Diversity Information: provide supplier diversity information along with certification agency and additional certification information. Update Additional company Info: provide companys logo, products and services.

9 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential RFx Menu The number indicates how many Released Bids, Open Bids and Closed Bids that the buyers invite you to view. Click on the number besides them and it will bring you to a detail list of those bids. Outlook is a shortcut for accessing all the essential information. Clicking the (No unread messages) link will display all messages below. The link name with change according to the number of unread messages you have.

10 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential RFx Menu Outlook Released Bids: RFx event information is open to view, but bidding has not been opened. Open Bids: Event is open to bids. Closed Bids: Event is closed to bids.

11 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Bid Opportunities Bid Opportunities Columns Type Project Classifies whether the Project is: RFQRequest for Quote RFPRequest for Proposal RFIRequest for Information Name of the Project. Number: Title ContactThis column contains the bid number, the bid title, and a contact name. Open Date Close Date This column lists the time zone and the open and close dates of the bid. Bid Link Depending upon the status of the bid, you can view your quote, modify it, indicate your intent to bid, or just view the bid.

12 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential View RFx & View Auction Before viewing or bidding any event, you will be asked to agree to certain Prerequisites. Below is a list of prerequisite, click Prerequisite Name to view document in another window. Mandatory prerequisite Type must be agreed to before proceeding. Once you complete this page: –Inquiry Details (top right) will be made available for you on Released events to view. –Proceed to Inquiry will be made available to you on Open events to place bids.

13 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Inquiry Details 1. Contains information related to the bid, including instructions on participating bid, contact information, and descriptions about the bid. 2. The Prerequisite section contains information and terms that the company provides in order to understand and accept before accessing the information of the bid. 3. The Documents link displays links to files attached to the bid by the buyer. Click Document Name link to view the document. You can download the documents for further review by clicking. 4. The Questions listed in this section are questions asked by the buyers of all vendors. This is a read-only so vendors can be prepared. 5. Shows you table of items requested by the buyer, with the name, description of the items, the quantity, and Unit of Measure (UOM). You can download the table to a file for further review by clicking.

14 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Q & A Board The Q & A Board tab lists any questions posted by any vendor invited to this bid. To ask a question click. Enter your question; attach additional document by clicking. Once you Submit, your question will be sent to buyers email.

15 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential Intent to Bid On the Intent to Bid tab you may indicate your planned participation for the bid. Select the appropriate radio button, fill in the required information (Company Name, Contact Name, and Email), and then click to save your Intent to Bid status. If you indicate your company will not be bidding, a text box will appear on the page for you to enter an explanation. Once you submit a no bid, you will not be able to return to this bidding page and change your decision.

16 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential My Bid: Questions The Questions tab shows questions asked by the Buyer of each vendor. Select or enter the appropriate answer.

17 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential My Bid: Items The Items tab, you can set a date for the quote to be effective till and leave comments about the bid. Use to download the items to an Excel document. Once you complete the document, use to upload completed document. Alternatively, you can enter Quantity, Unit Price, and Delivery Days directly from this page.

18 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential My Bid: Optional Line Items The Optional Line Items tab, you can give optional items about the bid. Use to upload items. Also you can enter items directly on this page.

19 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential My Bid: Attachments Under Attachments tab, you can upload images or other related files in support of your bid. Enter the number of attachments you have to upload and click ; the page will expand to let you for an attachment to add. You can also enter a description for each file. You can Edit or Remove from Bid any uploaded files.

20 ©2010 AECsoft USA Confidential My Bid: Summary The Summary page displays all the information that is related to the bid. It allows you to review all the information together and proceed to a final submission for the bid. After you click, you will permanently submit your bid, and you will no longer be able to modify your bid. After all the information is permanently submitted to the system, My Bid will change its format to display Read-Only information. You wont be able to modify the bid again.

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