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1/4/2014 Enterprise to Cloud Mobilize, Secure & Accelerate your Business Customer Date `

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1 1/4/2014 Enterprise to Cloud Mobilize, Secure & Accelerate your Business Customer Date `

2 Array At-A-Glance Founded 2000 Experienced Management Team 150+ years collective experience in Ntwk/Sec 15 collective IPOs Proven product lines Application Delivery Controllers Universal Access Controllers 300+ employees 5000+ customers Profitable 2007-2010 Worldwide presence Market Leader: Japan, China, India North America: Fortune 500 clients

3 Recent Awards & Recognition Frost & Sullivan May 12 Vendor of the Year - 2011 Application Delivery Controller Network Products May Interop Hot Technology of the Year Winner for SpeedCore Appl. Delivery Product of the Year Winner for APV9650

4 Trusted by the Global 2000 8 of the Worlds Top-10 Telco Providers Over 20% of the Global 2000 4 of the Worlds Top-10 Tech Companies 8 of the Worlds Top-10 Banks

5 Value Proposition Array Networks is a global leader in application, desktop and cloud service delivery UsersApplications Connectivity, Mobility & Devices Applications, Desktops & Cloud Services Array Networks

6 One Platform Many Products & Solutions CGX Cloud Gateway SpeedCore APV Application Delivery SPX Universal Access

7 APV Application Delivery Controllers 2001 2011 Best-in-Class Acceleration, Security, Availability Ease of Management, Extensibility ROI, TCO

8 Universal Access Control Security & Compliance End-to-end security for data at rest and in motion Consistent policies with fewer attack vectors to monitor End-User Experience Anytime, anywhere access, consistent user experience, accelerated performance Streamlined Management Fewer help desk calls Reduced Cost & Complexity Fewer stovepipe deployments Decreased HW & SW costs for secure access, servers and applications

9 DLP - User Provisioning - Full IT Control Office Desktop Physical, VDI Remote Any Platform (iPad, iPhone, Android …) Universal Desktop

10 Array SPX Core component of the Datacenter

11 DesktopDirect

12 Array Confidential 1/4/2014 Get to work, even when you cant get to the office Array Confidential

13 Telecommuting is No Longer a Luxury Companies must enable more employees to telecommute More telecommuting means more remote access is needed EVERYONE needs remote access on demand Necessary to stay competitive So…how do you provide remote access to everyone? 1/4/201413

14 1/4/2014 14 Todays Workforce VPN office – work ??? mobile employees non-mobile employees everyone else

15 Whats In A VPN? 1/4/2014 15 VPN gateway laptops HD encryption software data leakage prevention software more bandwidth user training WAN optimization

16 1/4/2014 16 1/4/2014 16 On-Demand Remote Access for Everyone At home… …on the move… You are always just 3 simple steps… …from your office. …or not so much.

17 1/4/201417 No Compromises Work Desktop PRODUCTIVITY - non-mobile users work from anywhere, as if in the office - immediate productivity without duplicate application environment SECURITY - extends compliance already established on remote desktops - data never actually leaves the office, eliminating security risks COST - implemented with existing technologies, no new laptops / licenses - eliminates need to support multiple application environments per user

18 DesktopDirect Diagram

19 Demo 1/4/201419

20 iPad as a Business Tool We Have An App For That 1/4/201420

21 1/4/201421 iPad – Enterprise Challenges Major Security Concerns Data leakage as a result of persistent data on the iPad Personal iPad devices cannot be managed centrally Lack of Application Availability Most enterprise applications are Windows-based iPad users want to use LAN applications Network performance is a major issue

22 iPad as a Business Tool DesktopDirect – My Desktops Enterprise 1/4/201422

23 1/4/201423 No Compromises Work Desktop Data does not Leave the Corporate Network Eliminates data leakage control Eliminates the need to manage phones Allows users to work on office PC from iPad device All applications are available Utilizes minimal bandwidth, enabling full application use

24 1/4/201424 Easy to Deploy DesktopDirect


26 Case Study: Remote Desktop Access CHALLENGE: Productivity-impacting business disruptions drove the need for a simple, secure and cost-effective remote desktop solution ARRAY SOLUTION: Array DesktopDirect with Flex Licensing on SPX Series appliances for scalable low- cost remote desktop access MORGAN BENEFITS: Users are logging in via the Web during business disruptions and intuitively using their familiar office desktops; use is widespread and business productivity is up significantly Employees browse to a URL given to them by their IT administrator. After entering their work credentials, a window presenting their remote corporate desktop launches automatically. An easy to configure, plug-and-play appliance, DesktopDirect supports dynamic user self-registration that makes adding desktops simple, fast and transparent to the administrator. LOG IN FROM ANY BROWSER ANYWHERE SSL ENCRYPTION & SECURE DESKTOP EXTEND CORPORATE DESKTOPS ANYWHERE

27 Case Study: Cloud Services Gateway

28 ROI: DMZ 1.CapEx reduction of $1M per year Eliminated IPSec Eliminated standalone application firewall Reduced dependence on expensive Citrix architecture 2.OpEx and complexity reduction Operational efficiency – 1 to 2 FTEs manage secure access solution Reduce Telecom costs & infrastructure operational burdens 3.Increased employee and contractor productivity 4.Accountability for HIPAA compliance 5.More users on a single HA cluster – 15,000+ (64,000 capacity) Case Study: Universal Access Control

29 1/4/2014 Enterprise to Cloud Thank You

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