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Verbes en -er Madame Dabla.

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1 Verbes en -er Madame Dabla

2 Infinitive The form of the verb we find in the dictionary is called the “infinitive”.

3 Infinitive This is expressed in English by “to …”,
e.g. to play, to think, to sing

4 Infinitive In French the most common regular verb in the infinitive is the –er verb, e.g. jouer = to play

5 Present tense This expresses an action which is happening at the present time. Je joue = I am playing / I play

6 To form the present tense
Subject pronoun + the stem + the appropriate ending

7 Subject pronouns je = I tu = you (sing.) il = he/it elle = she/it
on = one nous = we vous = you (pl./sing polite) ils = they (m,m+f) elles =they(f)

8 The stem In –er verbs the stem is formed by removing the –er. jou er

9 The Endings je = -e tu = -es il = -e elle = -e on = -e nous = -ons
vous = -ez ils = -ent elles = -ent

10 jouer – to play nous jou vous jou ils jou elles jou ons ez ent je jou
tu jou il jou elle jou on jou e es

11 chanter – to sing nous chant vous chant ils chant elles chant ons ez
ent je chant tu chant il chant elle chant on chant e es

12 aimer – to like/love nous aim vous aim ils aim elles aim ons ez ent
j’aim tu aim il aim elle aim on aim e es

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