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Les Verbs en “ER”.

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1 Les Verbs en “ER”

2 La Conjugation des Verbs
What is “la conjugation”? Taking the regular form of the verb (to have, to eat, etc) …and changing it to agree with the subject of the verb (the person/object performing the action)

3 Example (We do the same thing in English and in French) English VS
Example (We do the same thing in English and in French) English VS. French English French To Be I am You are He/She is We are You are (Plural) They are Étre Je suis Tu es Il/elle est Nous sommes Vous êtes Ils/Elles sont

4 Would you say… I is? You be? He are? She work? They watches? I to be? You to work? Of course not! Conjugated verbs are not interchangeable! It sounds ridiculous! It’s the same way with the French language.

5 In order to be a successful verb “conjugator”, you will need to know the following 4 terms:
*WORKSHEET* Subject- The person OR thing doing the action (je, vous, la télé) Infinitive- The verb by itself: danser, parler, inviter, regarder Stem- The verb without the “ER” dans, parl, invit, regard Ending- The combination of letters that we put in place of the “er” that we dropped earlier. Each pronoun has it’s own ending to be used.

6 …So what are the endings for “ER” Verbs?

7 ? Example:The Steps… How did you do that English French I speak
Je parle How did you do that ?

8 Step One: Find the Subject… …in this case it is “I” or Je in French

9 Step Two: Find the Infinitive (the verb)…
…in this case it is “to talk” or Parler in French

10 Step Three: Find the Stem…
To do this…take the infinitive verb “Parler” …and take away the “er” at the end. Parler  Parl

11 Step Four Find the ending… …we are conjugating for “Je”
…so the ending is “E”

12 Put them together in order!!!
Step Five: Put them together in order!!! Subject- “Je” Infinitive- Parler Je parle Stem- parl Ending- “e”

13 To Conjugate the verb “To Speak” in French…
English French To Speak I speak You speak He/She speaks We speak You speak (Plural) They speak Parler Je parl e Tu parl es Il/elle parl e Nous parl ons Vous parl ez Ils/Elles parl ent

14 Conjuger “Parler” Video

15 Conjugate the verb PARLER
Your Turn Conjugate the verb PARLER

16 PARLER Je Tu Il/elle Parle Nous Vous Ils/Elles Parlons Parles Parlez

17 Congugate the verb Jouer (To Play)
Step it up… Congugate the verb Jouer (To Play) *WORKSHEET* Je Tu Il/elle joue Nous Vous Ils/Elles jouons joues jouez joue jouent

18 Endings *WORKSHEET* ador aid amus arriv bross cach danc cri

19 Practice Now you pick a verb and conjugate it on your own

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