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Regular –er verbs Français I.

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1 Regular –er verbs Français I

2 The basic form of a verb is called the infinitive
The basic form of a verb is called the infinitive. An infinitive is a verb NOT conjugated être is an infinitive Many French infinitives end in –er travailler parler regarder ?? Infinitives like parler and regarder follow a predictable pattern when conjugated. They are called REGULAR VERBS

3 parler parl- voyager voyag-
The present tense forms of -er verbs consist of two parts: STEM + ENDING The STEM does not change when you conjugate. It is the infinitive minus -er: parler parl voyager voyag- The ENDINGS depend on the subject. They vary as follows: The above endings in red are silent. je -e nous -ons tu -es vous -ez il elle ils elles -ent

4 Try to conjugate a verb… think of your stem… then the endings
parler = je nous tu vous il elle ils elles

5 Conjugated verb… parler = to speak je parle nous parlons tu parles
vous parlez il elle ils elles parlent

6 A few hints on pronunciation and stuff…
Je becomes j’ before a vowel sound. je parle j’aime Note the liaison when the verb begins with a vowel sound: Nous étudions. Vous invitez Thomas. Observation When the infinitive of the verb ends in -ger, the nous form ends in -geons. nager: nous nageons manger: nous mangeons voyager: nous voyageons z z

7 Some new –er verbs… aimer to like/love habiter à to live (in+city)
inviter to invite organiser to organize visiter to visit (a place)

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