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A university wide electronic research ethics review system?

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1 A university wide electronic research ethics review system?

2  Introduction  Infonetica - who we are.  Ethics RM - key components and features.  Ethics RM - the benefits.  Summary. Presentation Overview

3  Affordable, Paperless Application Submissions  Improved Organisational Efficiency  Audit, Regulatory, Governance and Compliance  Sharing and Communication Across Boundaries  Improved Workflow Introduction Key Drivers

4  Provide a global range of clinical research solutions.  Products in use at national and local levels in the UK and across international markets: Over 700 sites. Supporting a user population of over 80,000 registered users.

5 Users of Infonetica Software

6 Workflow Processes: Key Components Online Form View Research Applicants Ethics RM Database View REC Administrators Ethics RM Committee Member View One configurable system REC and nominated Members

7  Configure and define form logic.  One username and password for access to all system functions.  Forms are saved within the applicant’s own password-protected account.  Flexible design to enable any manner of form to be incorporated, including: Ethics Applications Site Review Forms Amendment Forms Progress/End of Study Report Forms Dynamic Form System

8 Scalable to suit the needs of any committee size. Application process is easier and quicker. Easy to Configure and Secure User friendly interface. Inter/Intra Committee Collaboration. Benefits for RECs

9 The Ethics Workflow Process – Applicant View

10 ERM Workflow Process - REC Administrator View

11 ERM Workflow Process - Committee View

12  Workflow management system.  Automated generation of standard correspondence.  REB committee management.  Emailing functionality.  Calendar alerts and clock.  Scalable to your requirements.  Advanced reporting tools. Ethics RM - Additional Key Features

13  Gives REC members secure access to project documentation for their allocated application.  Allows reviews to be made and consolidated prior to meetings.  Comments can be shared with other REC members and sent to REC administrators. Ethics RM Committee Member View

14 Reduced data entry requirements. Single central repository for application documentation. Multi-level user access. Standardised procedures. Enhanced communications. Streamlined and assisted workflows. Strategic management information. Reduction in overall costs. Reduction in approval times. Benefits for RECs

15  Reliable and secure system.  Configurable to work the way you work  Simplifies and accelerates the application and review process.  Provides information for advanced reports on which to base future key decisions.  Ensures the ethical review process is complete, consistent and encompasses all relevant legislation.  Increases productivity by reducing application turnaround time. Summary

16 Questions?

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