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For MIP Fund Accounting Software

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1 For MIP Fund Accounting Software
Timesheet Module For MIP Fund Accounting Software

2 Overview The Microix Timesheet Module is an easy way to automate data entry, track, approve and record timesheet information throughout your organization. Employees can quickly enter their time for various projects and submit it electronically for approval. Microix Timesheet is simply a much more efficient way to capture time and labor distribution for MIP’s Payroll.

3 Key Features Easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
Multi-level approval process Automatic notifications are sent to Approvers Employees can record expenses on timesheet Employees can access their leave balance Attach electronic documents to your timesheet (PDF, Word, Excel, HTML) Re-route the timesheet to the employee for corrections Define default distribution and earning codes for each employee MIP's earning codes and leave codes are available when creating a timesheet Group Timesheets  All changes made to an original timesheet is tracked automatically in the audit trail

4 Workflow Microix Workflow Engine help manage and monitor your business processes. It allows the flow of work between individuals and/or departments to be defined and tracked. Administrators can create an unlimited number of workflows and uniquely configure them to meet the needs of any organization. Workflows can be identified as a department, program, group or location. All workflows have properties associated with it. For example, they have users, approvers, account restrictions, etc. Therefore, when a user logs into the Module, the system determines what workflow they belong in and applies the policies associated with it.

5 Navigation Menu The Navigation Menu is a user friendly interface that utilizes unique icons for each available function. Administrators can also restrict access to certain features based on individual needs.

6 Timesheet Form Record all types of earnings (wages, OT, expenses)
Attach electronic document to your timesheet Enter notes on each line Enter a date and amount of hours; the system will automatically create the entry View Leave Balances Record leave time View a summary of allocated hours

7 Group Timesheet Group Timesheet allows each department to delegate one person to create a timesheet for all employees within the respective department.

8 Employee Data Employees can access their demographic and payroll information directly from Microix. This is a read-only form and is available only if access is granted.

9 Distribution Codes Administrators can restrict MIP’s distribution codes for each workflow. When a user selects a distribution code on their timesheet, it will only display the codes associated with their workflow.

10 Approval On-line approval is quick and easy. Approvers receive an notification that a timesheet is waiting to be approved. Approvers have the ability to edit any information on the document. Approvers also have the ability to deny or re-route the document to the originator for corrections. Review/Modify the actual timesheet for each employee Summary view of all submitted timesheets. Approve one-by-one or in a group. Summary view of allocated hours and leave balances for each timesheet

11 Status Report Approvers and the Accounting department have the ability to view the status of all timesheets for a specific pay date. It will also display all employees who did not create a timesheet.

12 Audit Trail An audit trial is automatically generated for each timesheet as it progresses along the approval process. Requestors have the ability to view a list of changes that were made to the original timesheet.

13 Integration Once the Accounting department reviews all the timesheets for a given pay date, the system will automatically transfer the timesheet information to MIP. Microix will generate a regular timesheet in MIP which can also be modified before processing

14 Thank you for taking the time to view a quick overview of our Timesheet Module. If you would like to see a live web demonstration of this product please contact us a

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