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Marriage and the Family

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1 Marriage and the Family
RE Revision Marriage and the Family

2 Marriage and the Family
(a) What is Promiscuity? (2) (b) “ A Christian should never have sex outside marriage” Do you agree? (4) (c ) Explain the attitudes to divorce in one religion other than Christianity (8) (d) “Religion helps a family stay together” (Do you agree? Give reasons for your views(3) Give reasons why someone would disagree with you (3)

3 Promiscuity Promiscuity means having sexual relationships with lots of different people.

4 Sex outside marriage I do agree because Christians do not agree with sex outside of marriage. They believe that sex is a special gift to be enjoyed within marriage, and particularly for the creation of children ( so that children can have a stable and religious upbringing). Therefore you should lose your virginity to your husband/ wife as it is like a gift you can only give once, to give it to just anyone cheapens the gift and you. Sex with someone who isn’t your husband/ wife is also a sin. “thou shalt not commit adultery” it breaks the vows of marriage and hurts the other person terribly. I disagree because if they were very committed to one another and intended to get married they might live together first to get to know each other better. This has become more common in the church of England.

5 Attitudes to divorce Muslims do not like divorce as they believe that marriage is the foundation of the family and family is the foundation of society. Muhammad (pbuh) married and had a family and therefore they follow his example. If a couple feel as though they want to get divorced they must first attempt to reconcile with each other and their families help with this. If after three tries they can not stay together then they may get divorced. If a man deserts his wife she can file for divorce, or if they can not have children divorce is also permitted. Muslims encourage divorcees to remarry so they can live in a family environment.

6 Religion keeps family together
I disagree with the statement as if your husband commits adultery or beats you then your religion doesn’t matter; you can’t stay with him. It is how you feel about other people that count; not what religion you are. Both Christianity and Islam don’t like divorce because marriage is blessed by God but both accept that divorce can be necessary and allow it to take place. A Christian would agree with the statement as if a family are following a Christian lifestyle they would all believe in the same family values and respect their wedding vows. This makes them more likely to stay together. Their Vicar would also provide them with help and support if they had problems. A Muslim would also agree as they have family occasions such as when Fathers take sons to the Mosque for Friday prayers which help them be a strong family unit.

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