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Marriage and the Family

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1 Marriage and the Family
RE Marriage and the Family

2 Marriage and the family
(a) What is a reconstituted family? (2) (b) “The nuclear family is the best type of family” Do you agree? Give two reasons (4) ( C) Explain why there are different attitudes to divorce in Christianity (8) (d) “There shouldn’t be any religious laws about sex” (6)

3 (a) marking Partially correct answer 1 mark Completely correct 2 marks

4 (a) answer A reconstituted family is when you have step brothers. 1 mark A reconstituted family is when divorced parents marry each other and bring with them children from their previous marriage(s) and possible have children together. 2 marks


6 (c ) marking Level 1. An isolated example of relevant knowledge. 2 marks Level 2. Basic relevant knowledge in a limited structure. 4 marks. Level 3. Organised description of relevant knowledge using specialist vocab. 6 marks Level 4. Comprehensive description of relevant knowledge using specialist vocab. 8 marks

7 (c ) answer Catholics think that divorce is not acceptable because it says in the Bible that man and woman were made to be together and this is the place where children should be brought up. (2) In the marriage ceremony the couple vow to say with each other forever no matter how difficult things get or what happens and this is done in the presence of God.Therefore they believe divorce is wrong(4)However,the Church of England does allow divorce as some relationships may be violent or abusive and it would be cruel to keep these people together. It says in the Bible ‘love thy neighbour’.(6) Jesus also taught forgiveness so even though they have broken their vows we should forgive them if they have just cause.(8)

8 (d) answer I do A Christian would disagree with the statement because the laws ensure that people have physically and emotionally safe and healthy relationships that are stable. (1)If people were to be promiscuous then disease can be spread but also people’s feelings are hurt(2). A Catholic would also disagree with the statement because they believe that sex is for procreation and that children should be brought up in a safe and religious environment which marriage can provide. Therefore people should only have sex inside marriage.(3) However I think that it is not up to religion to dictate our lifestyle choices but our own moral values should guide us. Cohabitation (when you live together) is great for some people and. they live like man and wife so why shouldn’t they have sex? We should respect other’s choices (4)

9 Alternative (d) answer
I agree with the statement because I think you should have control over what you do and your body. You might truly love someone and want to have sex with them before you get married to know if your relationship works. Some people might not believe in marriage but still want to start a family. Society has changed and become less religious. There is less social stigma about being single parents or cohabitation so this allows for more freedom with our lifestyles. A Christian would disagree with the statement as the religious laws about sex ensure that people do not devalue the importance and special thing that sex between people who love each other is. Saving your virginity for your wedding night is like a special gift you can only give away once. A Muslim would disagree with the statement because Muhammad got married and had a family so they follow his example. In this way people provide a stable and religious upbringing for Allah’s gift of children.

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