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RELATIONSHIPS Marriage, divorce and the family

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1 RELATIONSHIPS Marriage, divorce and the family
RE GCSE REVISION RELATIONSHIPS Marriage, divorce and the family

2 Relationships - overview
Christian teaching On marriage Key elements of Christian marriage and the family Christian attitudes to divorce and re-marriage Care of elderly and other family members Changing family? Breakdown of marriage Family life: husband/wife Parents/children

3 Christian teaching on Marriage
Do not commit adultery (10 Commandments) “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united with his wife” (Genesis and Jesus) The Pharisees asked Jesus why Moses allowed divorce, he said “because the people are hard to teach”. (St Mark) Moses only allowed divorce for unfaithfulness. Jesus said “you are to be united as one”. Marriage is therefore valued highly – it reflects the union of Christ with his Church.

4 Teaching on marriage cont.
Marriage should be a life long union – a covenant, contract involving commitment and responsibility. “That which God has joined together do not let man divide” (Wedding Service) Marriage must be faithful, it needs to be worked at, it involves forgiveness. The Churches believe that marriage is the relationship where sex should take place and that it is the best basis for bringing up children.

5 Attitude of the Churches to Divorce and Re-marriage
All denominations see the breakdown of a marriage as a tragedy. RC Church does not accept divorce but allows for annulment on special grounds. C of E accepts divorce reluctantly but only allows re-marriage according to each set of circumstances and conscience of each priest. Otherwise a service of blessing is offered (Prince Charles and Camilla).

6 Attitude of Churches cont.
Baptists and Methodist clergy will generally re-marry divorcees but again individual ministers go by their conscience. Some clergy believe that in cases of cruelty, abuse, abandonment it is better to end a marriage. Others say how can you make the same vows twice. Remember that Jesus actually forgave the adulterous woman and told her to sin no more.

7 Breakdown of Marriage A Christian couple might: pray, ask other Christians for help, see their minister or priest, get counselling. Christians would help: give time to the couple, pray, give practical help, provide a common meeting place for couples, children, support the work of Relate. Relate (a non-Christian organisation) which provides help for couples both in keeping a relationship going or helping to end things in an amicable way. CMAC – the Catholic organisation to help those whose marriage is undergoing problems.

8 Christian ideas on Family Life
Husbands and wives – traditionally the woman had to obey her husband. St Paul wrote “women should submit to their husbands but husband must love their wives as they love themselves”. However, Paul also wrote “All are one in Jesus. Women rarely promise to obey during the wedding service as marriage is now seen as a partnership.

9 Family life cont. Parents and children – traditionally the father was head of the house and should be obeyed at all times. However, the Bible says: “Honour your father and mother (10 Commandments) “Discipline your son and he will give you peace”. “Children obey your parents but fathers do not embitter your children (St Paul). Respect and honour are seen as very important in family life.

10 Changing Family Life You need to be aware that family life has been changing over the last 50 – 100 years. Be familiar with the names of the different types of family: nuclear, single parent, extended, reconstituted. Remember that nearly half of all children in Britain today are born to unmarried parents. Have your views clearly thought out

11 Care of other family members
Timothy wrote “if anyone does not provide for his relatives, especially his immediate family he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever”. So the Christian family should look after the elderly, the sick in their own family. They should also help those in the wider family of church members who are in need. They should set an example of Christian love (agape) which their children will follow. What other verses might you use on this topic?

12 Key Elements of Christian Marriage (section c questions)
The sentence for discussion refers to the importance of : love, honour, respect, forgiveness, friendship within marriage. They also ask such questions as: Should parents bring their children up in the faith? Should children obey their parents? Is Christian teaching about the family out of date? Once again you must have your own views and give both sides of the question.

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