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OECD’s Engagement in Promoting Good Governance Plenary meeting of the Annual Conference “Development of Public Governance in Russia. The Present and the.

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1 OECD’s Engagement in Promoting Good Governance Plenary meeting of the Annual Conference “Development of Public Governance in Russia. The Present and the Future” Moscow, 22 March 2012 Martin Forst Public Governance and Territorial Development Directorate


3 OECD: who are we? Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development 34 countries worldwide Cooperation with both member and non-member countries Russia is negotiating to become a member Close relations with Brazil, China, India, Indonesia South Africa and MENA countries through “enhanced engagement” 12 departments About 250 committees, working groups and expert groups About 2 500 staff Our mission: to promote policies that will improve the economic and social well-being of people around the world

4 Who drives the OECD’s work? Council Oversight and strategic direction Representatives of member countries and of the European Commission: decision taken by consensus Committees Discussion and Implementation Representatives of member countries & countries as observers work with Secretariat on specific issues Secretariat Analysis and proposals Secretary-General Deputy Secretaries-General Directorates

5 Public Governance Family of Committees Public Governance Committee Regulatory Policy Committee Network of Senior Officials from Centers of Government Territorial Development Policy Committee Working Party of Senior Budget Officials Network on Public Sector Integrity Network on E- Government Network on Public Employment and Management Global Forum on Public Governance Network of Parliamentary Budget Officials Network on Performance and Results Network on Financial Management


7 New governance solutions: OECD as the path-finder Observatory of Public Sector Innovation Open government and transparency Evidence – based policy making Transparency and integrity in lobbying Performance of justice and regulatory institutions Innovation in administrative justice

8 1. Standards and instruments 2. Evidence and benchmarks 3. Taylor made policy advice and solutions 4. Policy dialogue 5. Capacity building and implementation OECD Governance Tools

9 Standards and evidence Policy standards and guidelines 1998 Recommendation on Improving Ethical Conduct in the Public Service 2003 Recommendation on Guidelines for Managing Conflict of Interest in the Public Service 2008 Recommendation on Enhancing Integrity in Public Procurement 2010 Recommendation on Principles for Transparency and Integrity in Lobbying 2012 Guiding Principles for Regulatory Quality & Performance Other guidelines & best practices Open Government E-government Budgeting OECD – APEC checklist on regulatory performance Human Resources Management Comparative Evidence Government at a Glance Regions at a Glance Indicators of regulatory management Public Governance Databases

10 Tailored policy advice and dialogue Governance Peers Reviews Horizontal governance reviews (France, Poland, Ireland, Finland, Estonia) A whole of government approach Comprehensive view of reforms Sectoral reviews (Brazil, US, Mexico) Human resources Budgeting E-government Integrity Regulatory Reform Territorial Development reviews (South Africa, Russia) Policy dialogue Access to networks of officials in OECD countries Global Forum on Public Governance Meetings at Ministerial Level Capacity building & implementation Advisory sessions Peer-to-peer workshops Study visits Reform roadmaps: sequencing and staged implementation

11 OECD Public Procurement Review of the Mexican Institute of Social Security Increasing savings through better streamlined and innovative procurement processes Remaining challengesSelected Proposals for Actions Procurement function considered an administrative task Consolidated procurement data are not available Reactive and urgent processes Poor performance of suppliers High amount of bid challenges Changing the perception of the procurement function Improving the current information system capacity Developing the capabilities to deliver (IT integration, professional workforce)

12 Public Governance Review of France OECD review and recommendations Indicators in public service delivery Strengthen government wide vision Enhance inclusive policy- making Advance strategic use of e- government Support choices with limited funds Country features Important place in the world Management is not flexible and reform of HRM is difficult Competent country High deficit and public debt No consensus on the size of public service & level of HRM flexibility Public Administration Reforms Openness & transparency Modernisation of HRM Inter-ministerial coordination and management Citizen-focus


14 Accession Roadmap Timeline to-date 1992 – beginning of the OECD co-operation with Russia November 2007 - the OECD Council approved the roadmap to accession for Russia February 2012 – accession to the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention Accession roadmap 23 OECD Committees Key criteria –Acceptance of Acts of the Organisation –Acceptance of OECD standards (accepted by OECD Members) –Coherence with member country policies and practices, including public governance Milestones met WTO accession Accession to the OECD’s Anti-Bribery Convention Final decision – by the OECD Council

15 Two OECD committees Public Governance Committee Regulatory Policy Committee E-government Management of Regulatory Quality & Administrative Simplification Multi-level Governance Human Resources Management Integrity in the Public Sector Open and Accountable Government Structure and Coordination of Government Budgeting Public Governance Building Blocks- Accession Assessment

16 Thank you for your attention! Большое спасибо за внимание! Contacts:

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