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1 866 Newtek Business Services, Inc. Provider of small business loans for Morgan Stanley These materials and the.

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1 1 866 Newtek Business Services, Inc. Provider of small business loans for Morgan Stanley These materials and the content contained herein were not prepared or reviewed by Morgan Stanley. Newtek Business Services is not an employee or agent of and is not affiliated with, Morgan Stanley. Morgan Stanley is not the provider of these services and will not have any input concerning such services. Morgan Stanley is not responsible for these materials, the content contained herein or any of the services offered by Newtek Business Services. Morgan Stanley will receive a referral fee from Newtek Business Services if the client referred by Morgan Stanley enters into a transaction with Newtek Business Services.

2 Newtek Business Services Newtek Business Services, Inc. is a provider of business services and financial products to the small business market under the Newtek brand. Founded in 1998 by Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Barry Sloane Publicly traded (NASDAQ: NEWT) Employs more than 360 people across the country Corporate headquarters in New York City

3 Newtek Business Lending A non-bank lender specializing in loans to small businesses Authorized as a Preferred Lender to conduct SBA guaranteed lending in all 50 states as a Small Business Lending Company Servicing a portfolio in excess of $200 million in loans Utilizes one-of-a-kind processing software that prepares all of the application paperwork for the borrower Experienced, courteous and accessible staff who provide high quality support

4 Why Newtek Newtek Business Service Specialists are assigned to guide you and your client through the loan process All application material is completed by Newtek NewTracker provides the following benefits: –Routes, Manages and reports the flow of all referrals –Allows for the submission of referrals by simply providing the borrowers name and contact info. No need for you to gather any financial information –Lets you follow the progress of your client 24x7 through Newtracker

5 Newtek Lending Process Contact your Morgan lending specialist who will pass the referral to Newtek for processing through NewTracker Once the referral is submitted through NewTracker, a Newtek Business Specialist will call you or your client within 24 hours to explain the full loan process, answer any questions and conduct a prequalification interview Prequalification – 30 minutes Underwriting – 5 business days Closing – 30-60 days

6 Why a Newtek Business Loan Flexible financing for a wide variety of general business purposes from $25K to $2.0M Acquisition, refinance or cash out loans secured by commercial real estate up to $5M Receivable financing available for your clients that have between $10K and $500K in monthly average receivables Longer terms than conventional loans with no balloon payments Start-up financing considered Limited or no prepayment penalties Low down payment requirements

7 Eligible businesses include Franchises Doctors, Dentists, Chiropractors & Veterinarians Accountants, Lawyers, & Service Professionals Convenience Stores, Gas Stations & Car Washes Day Care Centers Retail Trade Manufacturing, Industrial, & Wholesale Hotel/Motel Properties

8 Acceptable Uses of Proceeds Start-up or expand a business or franchise Finance general business expenses/working capital Purchase equipment Purchase, re-finance or take cash out of commercial real estate Refinance existing business debt Acquire an existing business

9 Examples of Morgan Referrals $220K loan for a bagel store looking to open their third location. Proceeds would be used for leasehold improvements and working capital $309K loan for the acquisition of an existing restaurant. Customer owns one restaurant today and a 25% share of a second restaurant and is looking to acquire the remaining 75% interest in that second restaurant $715K loan for the acquisition of an owner occupied commercial property by an existing home remodeling/contracting company. Purchase price is $900M (80% LTV) $3,200K loan for the cash out re-finance of an existing 8 unit shopping center

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