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US Government Finance Programs to Help Expand Your Export Sales SBA Loan Guaranty Programs Designed to Assist American Small Business Exporters.

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1 US Government Finance Programs to Help Expand Your Export Sales SBA Loan Guaranty Programs Designed to Assist American Small Business Exporters

2 SBA Loan Programs for Exporters Export Working Capital Program Export Express International Trade Loan

3 Export Working Capital Program 90% Guaranty $5 million, maximum loan $4.5 million is maximum SBA guaranteed portion Transaction financing Single Project or Revolving Line Quick turnaround time

4 Company meets SBA size standards – Based on NAICS or Alternate Size Standard – NAICS - Manufacturing: under 500 employees, possibly more depending on NAICS (up to 1500) – Alternate: Less than $15 million Net Worth and $5 million Net Profit (last 2 year average) – Ex-Im Bank has no restrictions for size In business 12 months or proven expertise  No U.S. content requirement; Military sales, OK Other SBA eligibility provisions – Criminal history, previous loss to govt. etc. Export Working Capital Program Eligibility

5 EWCP - Indirect Exports Applicants who produce products or services that enter into the export channel, but do not directly export their products are eligible for EWCP financing – Manufacturers using an Export Trading Company – Suppliers to other domestic manufacturers Requires certification from domestic customer that goods are in fact being exported.

6 EWCP Use of Proceeds  To Provide Working Capital to Perform on Export Orders or Contracts  To Finance Export Receivables and Inventory  To Support Standby Letters of Credit used as Bid Bonds or Performance Bonds

7 EWCP Loan Types Single Transaction Loan Transaction Based Line of Credit Asset Based Line of Credit

8 Transaction Based Line of Credit Advances are made against foreign P.O. or contract Supported by L/C or Credit Insurance Strong Buyers can be approved on uninsured, open account terms

9 Asset Based Line of Credit Advances made against borrowing base certificate and aging of foreign receivables & export inventory schedule Receivables usually must be supported by credit insurance Note: Eximbank provides a 25% discount on its small business credit insurance policy to exporters having an SBA EWCP loan

10 Open Account, No Credit Insurance No Insurance is required if: Receivables are from financially sound companies, multinationals or highly-rated governmental entities in countries with minimal political risk

11 EWCP - Collateral Self-liquidating loan First lien on all assets being financed Personal guarantees of all owners of 20% or more who are active in the business Other collateral on a case-by-case basis

12 EWCP Fees One time guaranty fee of 1/4 of 1% of the guaranteed portion for loans with a maturity of 12 months or less. Loans with a 13 – 36 month term have fees between 2% and 3.75%. 52 basis point on-going fee paid by lender Business and lender negotiate Interest Rate and fees; lender is required to disclose this information to SBA

13 International Trade Loan (ITL) Maximum loan amount of $5 million and maximum guaranty of $4.5 million (Lender gets a full 90% guaranty) Working capital has a sublimit maximum of $4 million Eligibility requirements: The loan proceeds will significantly expand an existing export market or develop new export markets; or The applicant business has been adversely affected by import competition AND Upgrading facilities or equipment will improve the applicant ’ s competitive position

14 International Trade Loans (ITL) Use of Proceeds : – Facilities – Equipment – Working Capital – Debt refinancing is allowed. Business plan/application must document eligibility requirements (i.e. export projections or evidence of adverse impact). ITL can be combined with a separate EWCP loan. Maximum working capital allowed is $4 million

15 International Trade Loans - How to Apply Apply directly with a commercial loan officer at your existing bank of account. Application must include projections that will demonstrate increased export sales as a result of the loan or adverse impact due to foreign competition and how competitive position will be improved

16 Export Express Loans and Lines of Credit up to $500,000. Only Lenders that are approved by SBA for Export Express Loans - ask your District Office for a list. Approved banks make their own credit decision, use their own forms and receive a 90% SBA guaranty up to $350,000 and 75% on loans over $350,000 to $500,000. Some out of State lenders loan nationally via the inernet

17 Export Express The maximum loan amount under SBA Export Express is $500,000. This maximum does not include other Express Processed using the existing SBA Express processing procedures Eligibility: – applicant in business for at least 12 months – or the applicant’s key personnel have demonstrated export expertise and successful business experience. If under 12 months, lender must use conventional underwriting – no credit scoring. – proceeds are to be used to develop or expand their export markets – Borrower provides estimate of exports for next 12 months.

18 Export Express Proceeds may be used for any of the following: – transaction-specific financing of export deals, including standby letters of credit – general lines of credit for export purposes – export development activities such as brochure translation or participation in a trade mission – term loans for permanent working capital, machinery and equipment, or real estate Proceeds may not be used to sell in a prohibited country or to finance offshore operations.

19 Financing Exports with SBA’s Assistance Rick Schulze, Regional Export Finance Manager U.S. Small Business Administration U.S. Export Assistance Center 4300 Amon Carter Blvd., Suite 114 Fort Worth, Texas 76155 817-684-5506

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