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Offered through Capital Loan Program Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc.

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1 offered through Capital Loan Program Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc.

2 2 What is the Capital Loan Program?  Financing through Acadia Mortgage Solutions from an institutional lender  Specialized in small commercial & income producing properties  Programs designed to meet the needs of small business owners & investors  Equity-based lending (with a credit component)  Loans always secured by the commercial real estate

3 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 3 Traditional Money Sources  Banks & Credit Unions  Trust Companies  Mortgage Bankers  Investment Bankers  Private Funding

4 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 4 Capital Loan Program’s Place? CAPITALLOANPROGRAM Traditional LendersPrivate Funding

5 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 5 High Application / Commitment Fees Reasonable fees!High Application / Commitment Fees Availability/stability inconsistent & variable based on many market factors YOU ARE THE FOCUS! This program is a stable solution that specializes in small commercial mortgages (programs are designed specifically for small business owners, investors and business-for-self clients) Availability / stability dependent & variable based on lender ’ s philosophy and business goals Reasonable DSCR (1.20 as a benchmark) Strong DSCR (1.40 or more) No Cross-Collateralization requiredCross- Collateralization Underwriting requirements variable by investor Flexible Underwriting Guidelines (Common Sense Approach) Loan Committee Underwriting Short Term Loans / Temporary Solution Mid-Term and Long-Term Solution (absolute min. 2 yrs) 1 to 5 year terms All Property TypesMany Property TypesMarketable Properties Environmental VariesEasy Environmental ProcessEnvironmental Phase I & II Minimal DocumentationLimited Documentation (Stated Program) Full Documentation All Credit ConsideredWide Credit RangeStrong Credit Fast ClosingsQuick ClosingsLong Closings Case-by-case LTVsHigh LTVsConservative LTVs Higher RatesIntermediate RatesBest Rates Private MoneyThe InterBay LoanTraditional Lenders Small Commercial Lending Arena

6 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 6 Traditional Lender Requirements  Full document programs often require the following documents as a minimum, sometimes just for a pre-approval… Bank Credit Application Background Information Sheet State of Personal History Management Résumé Personal Financial Statement T4, T1, Notice of Assessment Financial Information: Business, Personal, & Affiliate Tax Returns Copy of Purchase Agreement Lease Agreement Copy of Business License Equipment Listing Schedule of Business Debt Environmental Phase 1 & 2 Insurance Information Operating Statements Rent Roll …and more… The Capital Loan Program is a low-document program designed to consider the special needs of small business owners and business-for-self clients!

7 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 7 Who Needs the Capital Loan? Clients under-served by traditional lenders due to:  Inability / Unwillingness to provide business and personal documentation  Fast service required  Too much credit exposure to the bank  Loan requested is under bank’s minimum loan amount  Requirement of significant cash out (Equity Take-Out)  Higher LTV needed  Secondary financing needed behind bank’s loan offer  Changes in bank lending philosophy

8 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 8 Who needs the Capital Loan? As an alternative to private financing solutions due to:  Need for higher LTV  Need / desire for Lower Fees  Need / desire for lower interest rate  Need / desire for longer term  Ability show improved credit situation

9 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 9 Loan Amounts $100,000 - $1,200,000  Multi-Family (5+ Units)  Office  Retail  Automotive  Rooming House  Hotels / Motels  Mixed Use  Light Industrial / Warehouse  Self Storage  Carwash  Bed & Breakfast  Funeral Homes  Restaurants  Daycares  Resorts  Campgrounds  Mobile Home Parks Property Types The Capital Loan Program

10 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 10 Non-Eligible Properties  Traditional Churches (no alternative use)  Raw Land and Farms  Construction / Interim Financing  Business Loans  Health Care Facilities that dispense medications (hospitals, nursing homes)  Gas Stations  Adult Entertainment Facilities

11 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 11  Mixed Use - $145,000  A+ Credit Borrower  LTV 80%  Owner Occupied  BDM visited broker and helped with marketing  First commercial property for this client  Closed in 38 days Deal View # 1...

12 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 12  Automotive - $435,000  Owner occupied  Bank not willing to consider due to possible environmental concerns with this type of property  Local bank branch referred the client to the mortgage broker Deal View # 2...

13 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 13  Office / Retail - $606,750  Significant cash-out  Client did not have financials required at bank  Owner received advertisement from broker  Deal closed in 31 days Deal View # 3...

14 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 14  Retail / Office - $920,000  Borrower’s credit 685  LTV 75%  Investment property  Expedited service from Lawyers  Closed in 45 days Deal View # 4...

15 Acadia Mortgage Solutions Inc. 15  Hotel / Motel - $1,000,000  Refinance – cash out to purchase another property  Client was referred to broker by their real estate agent  Credit improved from A- to A in process  Appraisal came in higher than anticipated (+195k)  Deal closed in 59 days Deal View # 5...


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