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Mariner – a project in the making 20 December 2012 2012-12-21.

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1 Mariner – a project in the making 20 December 2012 2012-12-21

2 Statoil makes investment decision on Mariner Largest CAPEX commitment on the UKCS for over a decade Gross investment of more than USD 7 billion (half to be spent between 2013-2017) Statoils experience and technology will unlock large reserves Approx. 2 billion boe in place (100%) More than 250 mboe reserves Production for 30 years Approx. 55,000 bbls/d over the plateau period 2017-2020 2012-12-212

3 Mariner is part of the corporate strategy Worlds largest offshore operator and a key player in the North Sea Solid heavy-oil experience from Norway, Brazil, Canada and Venezuela – supported by a strong R&D focus First operator to present commercial development plan for Mariner 2012-12-213

4 Mariner – Overview Background Block 9/11a, Licence P335 150 km east of the Shetlands First discovered in 1981 Statoil built a material operated position Acquired 44.4% of the field in 2007 and took operational role Additional 20.67% in 2010 Partnership Statoil (Operator)65.1% JX Nippon Exploration and Production (U.K.) Limited 28.9% Cairn Energy PLC6.0% 2012-12-214

5 Mariner field specifications Reservoirs: Maureen formation at 1,492m Heimdal reservoir at 1,227m Heavy oil Oil with API gravities of 12.1° to 14.2° 2012-12-215

6 Production, drilling and living quarters (PDQ) platform Floating storage unit (FSU) Jack-up drilling rig during first 4-5 years First oil: 2017 Projected oil reserves: more than 250 million barrels The field development concept 2012-12-216

7 The field development concept – details PRODUCTION, DRILLING AND LIVING QUARTERS (PDQ) FSU – FLOATING STORAGE UNIT JACK-UP RIG Integrated PDQ steel jacket Oil, gas and produced water separation Drilling module with one Intervention & Completion Unit (ICU) Process design: 80 000 bbl/d of total oil including diluent and 320 000 bbl/d of total liquid Living Quarters design for 160 POB A traditional ship-shape solution Crude oil storage and offloading Diluent import, storage and transfer to platform Situated 2.5 km from the platform Storage capacity of 850,000 barrels Jack-up rig assisting drilling during the first 4-5 years of operations 2012-12-217

8 Aberdeen Projected benefits for the UK Significant tax revenues Operations centre in Aberdeen 700 long term jobs Knowledge and technology transfer for future UK projects Local contractors for support services, maintenance & modifications 2012-12-218

9 Strategic context of Mariner for Statoil A natural expansion of Statoils lead role in the North Sea basin First move into a major development field in the UK Developing competence and technology to unlock new heavy oil fields worldwide 2012-12-219

10 2012-12-2110

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