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Demand Response in Ontario Paul Grod, CEO, Rodan Energy July 11, 2013.

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1 Demand Response in Ontario Paul Grod, CEO, Rodan Energy July 11, 2013

2 About Rodan Energy Leading smart grid integrator Focus on metering, demand response, utility services and energy management Connecting power producers, power consumers and utilities to the smarter grid Manage over 350MW of demand response resources Monitor over $9 Billion in annual electricity supply on behalf of our clients Over 60 utilities and ISOs throughout North America trust Rodan to provide DR capacity and manage DR resources on their behalf Our Network Operations Centre controls and operates several hundred thousand homes and businesses by operating multiple leading software platforms for the residential and commercial/industrial markets

3 Presentation Outline 1.Overview of demand response in Ontario 2.Residential case study – peaksaver 3.Electricity Market dynamics 4.Future of DR in Ontario

4 State of Demand Response in Ontario North American leader in CDM Demand reduction of >1,700 MW since 2005 (includes DR & EE) Demand response resources 600MW – Dispatchable Load/Operating Reserve 400MW – DR 2 & 3 300MW - Global Adjustment (+5MW customers) 150MW – PeakSaver (residential & small commercial) 10MW Regulation (IESO pilot)

5 Case Study: peaksaver ®

6 Understanding the Smart Home or Business

7 The Smart Grid Source: IESO Smart Grid Forum Report 2011

8 Case Study: peaksaver ® More than 230,000 residential and small business participants 150 MW of demand response capacity. Delivered by 80 local electricity distribution companies Managed by the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) Rodan is the OPAs Dispatch Administrator and Aggregation Operator Rodans NOC operates multiple technologies allowing utilities to operate a wide variety of devices offering greater choice to their customer Able to deliver province-wide, regional or local control

9 Case Study: peaksaver ®

10 Ontarios Electricity Market Dynamics

11 Peak Demand 2012 - 24,600MW Highest peak 2006 – 27,000MW Generation capacity of 38,000MW 6300MW of CDM by 2015

12 12 HistoricalProjected Source: IESO/OPA Ontario GDP Energy Per Capita Population Ontarios Electricity Market Dynamics

13 Ontario electricity demand is declining 13 HistoricalProjected Source: IESO/OPA Peak Demand Energy Consumption Ontarios electricity demand is declining

14 14 7,600 10,900 4,900 8,100 31,600 MW 10,000 8,400 3,000 670 38,300 MW 12,900 3,300 3,300 MW 100 4,300 MW 2,000 MW 5,100 MW 300 MW 2,900 MW 670 MW 12,900 9,300 8,900 8,700 700 40,500 MW 700 MW500 MW 5,700 MW 30 MW Source: IESO/OPA. Figures have been rounded. Ontarios electricity resource mix (2005-15)

15 15 Ontario Energy Demand Potential Surplus Energy Supply to exceed demand until 2020

16 Future of DR in Ontario Do we need DR in a surplus supply environment? Long Term Energy Plan calls for 7,100MW of demand reduction by 2030 Energy efficiency (residential and C&I) Building code updates and standards for appliances and products Demand response programs to help reduce peak demand Time-Of-Use rates Move to a more robust intelligent load management

17 What does a changing supply mix impact? Regulation Operating Reserve Ramping & Load Following Potential Surplus Energy 17 Opportunities for DR in a surplus supply

18 Conclusion Ontario a NA leader in smart grid and CDM Supply surplus and soft demand is a detractor to DR DR needs to have a long-term, consistent commitment Evolution to intelligent load management which adds operating flexibility to traditional peak load management.

19 Paul Grod, President & CEO RODAN ENERGY SOLUTIONS INC. 165 Matheson Blvd. East, Suite 6 Mississauga, ON L4Z 3K2 (905) 625-9900 x225 Enabling tomorrows Smart Grid today

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