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Health & Wellness Spa/Seminar Presented by Carmen Marshall

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1 Health & Wellness Spa/Seminar Presented by Carmen Marshall

2 What is a Health & Wellness Spa/Seminar?
Presenting ALL 3 lines as a revolutionary & holistic approach to long term health Showcasing the business in a fun & duplicatable way No retailing Only PCs and Associates On Autoships Win-Win Selling packages, not individual items

3 What is a Health & Wellness Spa/Seminar?
Average (Goal) Order Products from ALL 3 Lines – HealthPak 100™ (OR Essentials™) – EFAs (BiOMega 3™ and/or Optomega®) – RESET™ (OR/then Phase I or II) – Facial Deluxe (OR Basic Pack w/Serum or PE) – Optimizers – Procosa II® & Proflavanol 90®, TenX™ – Products for Partner

4 What is a Health & Wellness Spa/Seminar?
Business Models. Qualify a 3 Biz Center (450 SVP) immediately or over 6 weeks – $19.95 application fee (Referral Program) – Leave Door Open for Pro Pack/BBP (Entrepreneur/Retire Me From My Job Program)

5 Why Do H&W Spa/Seminars Work?
Educational Model Immediate Results Physical & Emotional Experience Educated, inspired & pampered 4. Higher Consciousness About Health 5. Products Make Sense Balanced, holistic Not a quick fix – Lifestyle Key phrases – “Healthy Cells”

6 Why Do H&W Spa/Seminars Work?
Testimonials Business Makes Sense Bring two people “I want to buy everything, why wouldn’t everyone else I bring?” Takes away fear and/or NWM stigma “Referral Program” or “Entrepreneur Program”

7 Why Do I Like This Model So Much?
Steady volume – Energy Moving! Regular new PCs & Distributors Training for new Distributors On the job training Product – Need to hear 2-3 times Business – Positive experience

8 Why Do I Like This Model So Much?
Better Conversion Rates 1/4 – One on one with H&F Newspaper 4/5 – H&W Spa/Seminars Larger Autoships More commitment to products & healthy lifestyle Not just a “biz” expense

9 Why Do I Like This Model So Much?
Makes $$$ Grows a Stable, STRONG Organization Dr. Wentz’s Vision Passion…What’s Yours???

10 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Host or Find a Host Use Memory Jogger Contact List in BDS for ideas Friends and family Preferred Customers Upline, Downline, and Crossline Theme: couples, mothers and daughters, girl’s night out

11 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Invite Guests Invite in person or by phone Send invitation postcards or e-cards Over-invite Host should follow-up in person or over the phone to create excitement Guests should RSVP Reschedule anyone who calls to cancel for the next Spa/Seminar

12 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Gather Supplies – Sensé Headbands, mirrors, washcloths, flat cotton balls Crock pot and tongs, bag to collect used washcloths Placemats and fingerbowls for each guest Basic Pack & Enhancers—1 for use, 1 for display Hair & Body Packs—1 for use, 1 for display Prelude 5 & Sensation kits, Body Polishing Gloves

13 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Gather Supplies – USANA® Nutritionals HealthPak100™, Essentials, BiOmega-3™, Optomega®, Body Rox, Procosa® II, Proflavanol® 90 for display RESET™ 5-Day Cleanse Kit & Blender Bottle Nutrition and Fibergy Bars™ for sampling Bottled water

14 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Gather Supplies – Sales Tools, Forms The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements by Lyle MacWilliam Releasing Fat by Ray Strand, M.D. Sensé Brochures, Essentials Brochures, Product Information Booklets, Sensé DVD Success From Home Magazines Business cards, pens, calculator, folder, order forms

15 Planning a H&W Spa/Seminar
Set up an atmosphere for relaxation at least 1 hour before the Spa/Seminar begins Set up dining room table for Spa/Seminar facial Arrange a product display on small table nearby Slice Nutrition and Fibergy Bars for sampling Prepare DVD player to play Sensé DVD Play relaxing music on a stereo or boom box

16 Presenting a H&W Spa/Seminar
Welcome Introductions “What you’re going to hear about tonight is a holistic approach to health – what we feed our cells, what we eat and even our skin.” Give an Overview of USANA’s Recent Honors Business Week, Forbes, etc. Explain the Sensé Difference Holistic, inner and outer approach to health and beauty at the cellular level Exclusive technologies Patent-pending self-preserving formulas that are free from added chemical preservatives Play the Sensé DVD Share a Brief Story About Dr. Wentz

17 Presenting a H&W Spa/Seminar
The Spa/Seminar Experience – Facial Regimen Gentle Daily Cleanser Rice Bran Polisher Hydrating Toner Perfecting Essence or Serum Intensive Highlight DSR™ Technology Eye Nourisher and Night Renewal Highlight Regenisomes™ Sensé Splash™ Explain Benefits of Self-Preserving Technology

18 Presenting a H&W Spa/Seminar
USANA Nutritionals Discuss the importance of high-quality nutritional supplements and detail the reasons why USANA® Nutritionals are superior The RESET 5-Day Cleanse The skin is a reflection of what is going on inside the body Importance of Low-Glycemic foods and fiber Explain the benefits of the 5-Day Cleanse and tracks I & II Summarize packs guests should purchase HealthPak 100™ or the Essentials BiOmega-3™ and OptOmega® RESET™ 5-Day Cleanse Kit Sensé Basic Pack & Enhancers

19 Presenting a H&W Spa/Seminar
Remember: Your goals are Enrolling new Associates or Preferred Customers Generating Sales Volume Finding referrals for future Health & Wellness Spa/Seminars

20 Presenting a H&W Spa/Seminar
Closing and Enrolling Meet with each guest to answer any questions and to explain their options: Preferred Customer – Purchase products at wholesale Benefits of Autoship – Price difference between retail and Autoship pricing USANA Associate – e-BDS is only required purchase Benefits of becoming an Associate Help get products paid for by earning commissions Give a survey to guests who do not make a purchase

21 Follow Up to H&W Spa/Seminar
Call all guests the next day Ask guests who did not purchase how they liked the product, and get referrals for future Spa/Seminars Schedule appointments to talk about the business Schedule new Associates for upcoming training and encourage them to bring guests to the next Spa/Seminar Call again when guests receive products to make sure they are using them correctly Always end a call leading to the next step

22 Tips for H&W Spa/Seminars
Alternate days of the week that you hold Spa/Seminars to accommodate various schedules Always hold the Spa/Seminar at your own or your host’s home Be enthusiastic, your guests will respond to your attitude Be yourself and have fun

23 Tips for H&W Spa/Seminars
Assign an Associate to be your helper during the Spa/Seminar Encourage Associates attending Spa/Seminars to share personal stories when asked Provide bottled water and allow guests to sample USANA foods, but do not have any other refreshments available Offer a Prelude 5 or Sensation Kit as an incentive to make a purchase that generates enough Sales Volume to activate 3 Business Centers

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