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The Malt Legend.

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1 The Malt Legend

2 Glen Turner, The Malt Legend
An exceptional Malt whose origin goes back to several centuries Produced in the highlands in Scotland A high quality Malt A prestigious range N°3 Malt Whisky brand in France* Source : IRI, 2013

3 Elaboration & The range

4 The respect of traditions
A great Malt Whisky Matured, Blended, and Bottled in Scotland GLEN TURNER DISTILLERY First Blending Company BATHGATE GLEN MORAY DISTILLERY ELGIN

5 The respect of traditions
PRODUCED & AGED at GLEN MORAY Distillery Distillation in copper pots stills Maturation in Bourbon barrels sourced from North America BLENDED & BOTTLED at GLEN TURNER Distillery Maximum capacity of 45 million litres 16 ageing cellars

6 Glen Turner Special Reserve
Introduction to Malts GLEN TURNER Special Reserve is a rare Blended Malt Scotch Whisky distilled and aged under the constant care of the Master Blender. This unique Blended Malt reveals exceptional smoky and honey aromas. Size: 70 cl Tasting notes Appearance: Gold Nose: Woody with intriguing hints of old leather and exotic wood Palate: Rich, woody aromas Finish: Smooth and delicate, with honey hints Serve neat or with ice

7 Glen Turner Heritage The Malt for connoisseurs
Carefully elaborated and aged in the GLEN MORAY distillery, in the heart of the Highlands in Scotland. Blended from prestigious malt whiskies including 15-year-old single malts to provide powerful and complex aromas. Double cask matured with a Madeira cask finish. Size: 70 cl Tasting notes Appearance: Tanned gold Nose: Aromas of caramel, vanilla and grapes, with hints of nuts Palate: Rich, with sweet notes of vanilla, tropical fruits and spices Finish: Sweet with hints of wood Serve neat or with ice

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