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Interactive webcast from exhibition What to do - when you are organizer.

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1 Interactive webcast from exhibition What to do - when you are organizer

2 GOTOEX – its design for you! ! It is the way to increase the number of visitors and to make your Exhibition more effective!

3 with GOTOEX have the opportunity to visit the Exhibition! Live visitors and Internet visitors

4 What GOTOEX team to do for the Exhibition? Create site with mane page to webcast from the Exhibition and pages for every exhibitor To set IP-cameras to every exposition, to make webcasts, to show webcasts in site of Exhibition and in participant sites too!

5 To inform the target group about the webcast from Exhibition To make data base to every participant with him items and link some areas of webcast pictures with data bases

6 What is your benefits New PR activities for the Exhibition New visitors, buyers, partners and participant New internet toolset for utilities

7 What you need to do? Include the webcast in Exhibition service list or in price of 1 square meter To inform participants about webcast capabilities and give them contacts of GOTOEX team for data exchange Give us the information about the Exhibition to create mane page Put the webcast in the Exhibition site and sites of your partners

8 Let present new world for millions people! Produce «Аxiome of Increase» LTD, 123592 Кulаkova st. 20, Moscow, Russia, tel. +7(499)740-22-53

9 GOTOEX team Office in Moscow: +7 (499) 740-22-53, +7 (499) 740-22-54 Technical Director Stanislav Belov +7 (925) 107-12-26 E-mail: Skype: bs-gotoex Head of project GOTOEXposition – Andrey Shvets +7 (919) 960-99-74 E-mail: Skype: Marketing Director - Vadim Onofriychuk + 7 (905) 580-08-18 E-mail: Skype:

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