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Marketing support of Dr.Web anti-virus service providers.

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1 Marketing support of Dr.Web anti-virus service providers

2 Plan 1.Internet service market tendencies 2.Dr.Web subscription packages 3.Marketing support 4.Service presentation on web-sites 5.Deployment 6.Service advertising channels 7.Informational support

3 Anti-virus is a service Doctor Web was the first vendor that offered an anti-virus as a service on the Russian software market

4 Shares of anti-virus and Internet security licenses

5 Let your subscribers make their choice! A choice between different subscription packages! Requirements to anti-virus security Current financial capabilities

6 Dr.Web anti-virus service Basic subscription packages 1,3 EURO 1,5 EUR O 1,65 EUR O

7 Support materials htttp:// For marketing specialist Dr.Web anti-virus section Subscription module Pre-paid scratch-cards For helpdesks and call-centres Texts Articles Banners Informers and web-forms Advertisement materials P.O.S.-materials

8 Deployment and testing Objective: prepare customers to ensure their positive response to introduction of the new service Dr.Web CureIt! – let your subscribers try Dr.Web free of charge!! Link checker browser plugins Virus news (informer) Virus informer Online scanner web-form Articles devoted to anti-virus security Software quiz with Dr.Web licenses and free gifts as prizes

9 Service presentation on the web-site Site map template Main About Services Home Business Dr.Web anti-virus Special offer Compare subscription packages Benefits Why Dr.Web Subscription Installation Technical support FAQ Free Dr.Web services Cable TV Support Contacts

10 Dr.Web anti-virus section 1.Create the Dr.Web anti-virus subsection in the service section of your web-site 2.Place there web-pages provides by Doctor Web 3.Add corresponding links to your site map 4.Make sure that clicking on the Sign up for Dr.Web anti-virus! button directs a user to the subscription page.

11 Service subscription page – extra communication and promotion opportunities

12 Service information channels – make the service news reach all subscribers! Provider web-site Every page of the web-site Subscriber personal area E-mail account login page Forum Price-list Corporate e-mail signature External resources Service bills Scratch cards P.O.S.-materials Banners placed on web- sites Flyers sent by post Outdoor advertisement Advertisement in media Advertisement on the radio

13 P.O.S.-materials 09.02.09 Mobile stand Flyers Business card POsters

14 Informational support Joint press-release on the service deployment Press-release published on various IT security news web-sites and in the subscriber personal area Publishing of contact information at The WEB! promotional project

15 Is it all? Its only a beginning! Dr.Web anti-virus service – unique package creation kit

16 Shares of subscribers

17 Optional subscription packages 1. Increased number of subscribers 2. More expensive subscription packages Shift of subscribers preferences towards a desired subscription package Objectives

18 The end? Not yet! Special offers Quizes PR-events

19 Good luck!

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