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Poseidon, God of Rebirth

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1 Poseidon, God of Rebirth
By: Jeremy


3 Poseidon, Lord of the Seas
Poseidon was powerful, decisive, competitive, and dignified. It was very important to stay on his "good side", for he was also moody and quick to take offense. He made a hobby out of taking revenge. He spent eight years getting even with Odysseus for blinding his one-eyed son, Cyclops. Before setting out to sea, ancient mariners would pray and make offerings to Poseidon, hoping for a safe and profitable journey. His Roman name is “Neptune”.

4 Poseidon’s Strengths A creative god, he designed all the creatures of the seas and oceans. He is the God of the sea. He can make the Earth shake with his Trident, a three pronged spear.

5 Appearance Poseidon is a bearded, older man usually pictured with sea-shells and other sea life. He usually shows up during hurricanes and strong storms.

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