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Welcome Back for Another Exciting Season!!!!. Coaching Staff Head Coach- Jeremy Dulaney (8 th Grade) Asst. Coaches- –Alex Butler – –Willie Jones – –Nick.

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1 Welcome Back for Another Exciting Season!!!!

2 Coaching Staff Head Coach- Jeremy Dulaney (8 th Grade) Asst. Coaches- –Alex Butler – –Willie Jones – –Nick Payne – –Steve Railey

3 Expectations of Parents Allow coaches to coach during game and practice Closed Practices Stay off of the sideline during games (Unless working chains, working downmarkers, photographers, videographers, etc) Wait 24 hours after game until you talk to coaches. Dont ask about playing time Be on time to pick your children up While we may agree or disagree when it comes to playing time, play calling, and other decisions it is important that we work together for the morale of the team. Expectations of Student-Athletes Act in an appropriate manner during the school day (classroom, hallways, cafeteria). Listen to your coaches (Be coachable) Try your hardest in practice, games, and the classroom. Community Service Project- Come to the Homework Huddle Study Hall on Fridays (only those student athletes with a C average, or 2.0, are required to attend homework huddle. All players will attend film the first hour on Friday. Expectations of Coaches We will listen to and discuss any concerns of parents/students. We will conduct ourselves in a manner that reflects highly on EJHMS and the program. This year is a critical one as we continue to make EJ Hayes football what we all believe it can be. New things like parent representatives, banquet organizers, and fundraiser helpers will make us even better. We need all the help we can get and appreciate any help that you can provide. If you have any questions feel free to contact me, or any of the other coaches.

4 EJ Hayes Panthers Football Team Rules Participation All student-athletes must have a 2.0 GPA from the last 9 week period prior to the season (4th 9 weeks from the previous year) to participate in athletics. (FCPS policy) Student-athletes must maintain a 2.0 GPA throughout the season to participate in athletics. (FCPS policy) Student-athletes must participate in team community service project. (EJHMS policy) Student-athletes must have a KHSAA sports physical on file to participate in any sporting event. (FCPS policy) All students are allowed to participate as long as equipment is available. In the event that we (EJ Hayes Football Team) cannot adequately equip a student-athlete to play football, then we must cut during pre-season conditioning and prior to our first game. Cuts will be made based on attitude, athletic ability, academic performance, and history with EJ Hayes Football. A breakdown of this is available on the Hayes Football website. Student-athletes who are suspended or in S.A.F.E. the day of a game or practice may not participate in any athletic event after school. (FCPS policy) Fees Collected/Refunds All student-athletes are required to have athletic insurance. The insurance fee also covers the insurance fee for the remainder of the school year for any other sports. All student-athletes are required to pay the equipment fee. If a child is cut by the coaching staff; prior to the first game, a refund of the equipment and insurance fee can be given. If a child quits the Team or is dismissed, then NO refunds will be given. Dismissal from the Team Any student-athlete who is caught participating in illegal activity during the season will be dismissed from the football team. Student-athletes who are suspended from school 2 or more times will be dismissed from the Team. Student-athletes who disregard the instruction and/or discipline of the coaches will be dismissed from the Team. Student-athletes who miss more than 3 practices without prior approval from the coaching staff will be dismissed from the Team--with NO refund.

5 Practice Schedule July 30 thru Aug. 12th – Practice will be from 6:30 to 8:30 August 13 thru End of the Season- 4:30- 6:30 Fees Equipment - $60 Insurance - $40

6 Needs for this Season- Ways You Can Help Grade-Level Parent Reps- –We need a parent from each grade level to pass along information from the coaching staff to the other grade-level parents (primarily through email) in order to improve communication among parents and coaches. Banquet Committee- –This group would be responsible for setting up tables, securing facilities, talking with caterer, and discussing with head coach. Fundraising Coordinator- –This person(s) would work on pursuing fundraising opportunities with the business community (examples include Chik-fil-a, Jazzys Carwash, etc.) Grounds Crew- –These individuals would help in the prep and upkeep of the football field. Mowing, marking, landscaping, etc.

7 The 10 Commandments of Football Parents 1. Be positive with your son; let him know he is accomplishing something by simply being part of the team. Don't put him down. 2. Don't offer excuses for him if he is not playing. There is usually a reason for it. Encourage him to work hard and do his best. 3. Don't put down his coaches. Remember the coach represents the "boss", the "authority", the "parent", the "teacher", the "law", etc. If you constantly bad-mouth your son's coaches, how can you expect the youngster to respect and play for them? 4. Whether he is a first stringer or a seventh stringer, players must follow rules. 5. Insist on good grades. Check the number of hours your son spends on homework. It is the duty of the parents to see that their son is working in the classroom. No matter how good a player is, if he doesn't have good grades, he doesn't play. Period! 6. Don't criticize other players because you dislike their parents. Don't try to live your life vicariously through your son. Football is a youngsters' game; let them play it. Don't show animosity or jealousy to any of your son's teammates because they carry the ball more, score more touchdowns, makes more plays, etc. This type of envy rubs off on your son and it can devastate a team. Who cares who scores or makes the big play as long as everyone does their job to the fullest? 7. Don't be a know-it-all. The coaches work with the players and they know what each kid can, and cannot do. As a fan, you are entitled to scream your head off, but please don't become belligerent and arrogant toward players. Coaches know their talent. Respect that. 8. Insist on your son's respect for team rules, school rules, game officials and sportsmanship. Don't let him make fools out of his family, school, and team by some uncalled-for gesture or incident that brings himself, the team, or your family shame. Self-respect begins with self-control. 9. Encourage your son to improve his self-image by believing in himself. Don't compare and contrast your son with family members who played previously. Every kid is different. Don't add pressure by expecting him to live up to an older brother's individual accomplishments. 10. Encourage your son to play for the love of the game. When you love something you give it everything you have. That goes for parents, coaches, and most importantly the players!!!

8 Questions???

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