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Elaborado por: Ing Edson Rodriguez Ingles o Idioma Extranjero I

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1 Elaborado por: Ing Edson Rodriguez Ingles o Idioma Extranjero I

2 Units I Definition II Ejemplification Reading Techniques Auxiliary Be
Reference terms, punctual rules II Ejemplification Auxiliary Be Articles, prepositions, wh questions

3 Units III Clasification IV Cause-Effect Modifiers Verbs other than be
Verbs,adjectives, nouns IV Cause-Effect Verbs other than be Elaborate sentences using verb tenses

4 Contenidos UNIT I Tecnicas de lectura Tecnicas de interpretacion
Partes del discurso (speech) Pronombres Personales Pronombres Demostrativos Adjetivos posesivos Pronombres posesivos

5 Vocabulario Técnico (Diagnostico)
Surveying Building Materials Concrete She studies civil engineer at UNI-RUACS

6 Speech Nouns Verbs Adjectives Adverbs Pronouns Prepositions Articles

7 Personal Pronouns I You He She We They It E. g I study at UNI
We are civil engineer students Note: Verbs BE Am, Is, Are

8 Pronombres Demostrativos
Possesion This That This pencil That pencil No Posession These Those These pencils Those pencils

9 Adjetivos posesivos My Your His Her Our Their Its
Her baby. It is her son Paul My cake!...It is my birthday....I am five today

10 Pronombres Posesivos Mine Yours His Hers Its Ours Theirs
That notebook is mine This is his laptop Reemplaza un adjetivo posesivo + noun, Nunca les sigue un noun Its my laptop Its mine

11 Diferencias de Posesivos
 It is my book. (Here we use the possessive adjective “my” followed by the noun “book”) It is mine. (Here we use the possessive pronoun “mine” and we do not need to put the noun after it).

12 Reglas o Tips A possessive pronoun is used instead of a noun:
Julie's car is red. Mine is blue. A possessive adjective is usually used to describe a noun, and it comes before it, like other adjectives: My car is bigger than her car There are no apostrophes in possessive pronouns and adjectives. The dog wagged its tail. “It's” is not a possessive pronoun or adjective — it means “it is”:

13 Relative pronouns What Who Which Where Whose When Whom

14 Pronouns/Pronombres Subject Object I You He She It We They Me You Her
Him It Us Them

15 Subject Verb Object I see them She knows me We Don’t like It

16 Tips Otros Ejemplos: Imaginense que ven unos zapatos y dicen “Me gustan”. Esto en ingles no es I like o peor Me like. Primero que I like esta incompleto puesto que no se dice elo objeto. Me like es una patada a mi higado puesto que los object pronouns nunca hacen la acción. Lo corrcto es. I like them. (them por que se refiere a zapatos) - La oracion: Quiero darle un beso. —–> I want to give her a kiss. (suponiendo que el objeto es una mujer) Ejemplo: Le quiero mucho. —–>> Quien quiere (subject) a quien quiere (object)

17 Practice Circle the correct pronouns 1) We/Us usually see they/them.
2) I/Me write to she/her everyday. 3) He/Him loves her/she very much but she/her doesn’t love he/him. 4) Please don’t wait for she/her. 5) Do you like he/him?

18 Practice That book is _________ My father spent ________life reading
_____ son started _____ new life apart from ours Her father is _________ uncle That is _____________(hers/my/you/his/her/theirs)

19 Trabajo en equipo Organízate en equipos de trabajo de 5 integrantes
Elabora oraciones empleando los pronombres que has aprendido hoy

20 Bibliografia Apuntes de clase Blog

21 Thank You!

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