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TEC (Transcrypt Encryption Control) Radio Management Software.

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1 TEC (Transcrypt Encryption Control) Radio Management Software

2 What is it? A custom software application designed for managing a fleet of radios –Suitable for small and large fleets Windows-based with a user-friendly interface Allows user to view a spread sheet style layout of the entire radio fleet Graphical user interface permits viewing of radio fleet activity in real-time, or to review historical activity

3 Who Needs It? Military Police Fire Ambulance Rescue Homeland Security Border Patrols Prisons Taxi Limousine Schools / Universities Businesses Utilities Hospitals Casinos Oil and Gas Facilities Railway / Transportation Fisheries Water or Power Plants Construction Sites TEC is a tool for any radio systems manager who needs to monitor and track the communications activity of a radio fleet

4 What You Need to Use TEC Radios in the fleet with Transcrypt signaling or encryption modules One or more Transcrypt modems Personal computer running MS Windows XP, at least one serial communications port The TEC programming software CD A radio, or link into a radio base station, for each Transcrypt modem

5 TEC Features User-friendly interface –Simple, intuitive commands for creating a customized radio monitoring system –Easy access to pop-up menus –No programming knowledge required Continual status monitoring –All signaled information is compiled while TEC is running –A time and date record of each transaction is stored in TECs memory and then saved to a file

6 TEC Features Unit Management –Enables user to change information, including user names and group views, with ease Programmable displays –User can assign visual and audio indicators to specific signals within the TEC program Radio marking function –User may highlight radios in the fleet that require special attention

7 TEC Features OTAR (Over the Air Reprogramming) –Ability to reprogram scramble codes and issue administrative control commands over the air –Advanced programming interface for system troubleshooting available through the terminal screen Code Space Select –Allows user to assign which code space a scrambler will use through a secured OTAR command –Can change a group of users to a different code space, in the event they need added confidentiality

8 TEC Features Kill / Revive a Radio –Enables user to kill or revive a scrambler via secured OTAR command –Useful in the event a radio is lost or stolen Force a Radio into Clear / Coded mode –The user can force a radio into either a clear or coded transmission mode –Helpful during covert or emergency operations

9 TEC Features SelCall (Selective Call) –Allows the user to alert and unmute a base station, a single radio, and / or groups of radios –Causes radio to beep, which gets the radio users attention Can work like a pager, alerting a radio user to call in to dispatch –Then, unmutes radio, so that it can receive audio –Scrambler must be wired for SelCall feature specifically for SelCall to work

10 View the radios in the system Monitor the fleets activity Select specific radios for monitoring Mark a specific unit for future Kill operation

11 Notification of Alerts Monitor the data transmitted and received by the modem

12 Contact Information If you have questions regarding use of the TEC software or your system management plan, please contact your Transcrypt sales representative to arrange a consultation. Transcrypt International 3900 NW 12 Street, Suite 200 Lincoln, NE 68521 USA (800) 228-0226 or (402) 474-4800

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