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Masters in Education (Specialism in SEN) Dr. Una OConnor Dr. Tracy Irwin.

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1 Masters in Education (Specialism in SEN) Dr. Una OConnor Dr. Tracy Irwin

2 Masters in Education Overview of course Registration process Module outlines Progression Questions and Answers

3 Overview 2008-09 Semester 1 The Reflective Professional Semester 2 Inclusive & Special Education (1) Semester 3 Inclusive & Special Education (2) 2009-10 Semester 1 Research Design & Initiation Semester 2-3 Dissertation OR One further module PLUS Research project

4 Registration Process Apply online Instructions provided Application approved Registration session Pay fees Get student card and number Log onto WebCt Begin Module

5 The Reflective Professional Online module Critical reflection on practice Application of curriculum theory Improving current practice in context Preparing for later modules Module Co-ordinator: Dorothy Black

6 Inclusive & Special Education (1) Developing and Analysing Practice –Theme 1:Understanding difference –Theme 2:Provision for difference –Theme 3: Inclusion –Theme 4: Inclusive practice

7 Inclusive & Special Education (2) Leading and Managing Inclusive and Special Education –Theme 1:Changing schools –Theme 2:Policy and legislation –Theme 3: Leadership and management –Theme 4: Partnerships

8 Research Design & Initiation Fully online module 30 credit points Online lectures Discussion forum Synchronous chats Sharing of best practice

9 RDI Explore research methodologies Explore limitations of research design Consider ethical issues Design your own research project Tailored design Draft research proposal (3-5000 words)

10 Research Project/Dissertation Research Project 30 credit points Small scale research 1 semester (15 wks) 8000 words Individual supervisor + 1 additional module Dissertation 60 credit points Major research 2 semesters (30 wks) 10-15,000 words Individual supervisor

11 Progression Potential to publish your research Possible PhD opportunities Taught Doctorate proposed Promotion/career enhancement

12 Questions&Answers

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