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MA Leadership and Management (Further Education) Godfrey Pryce Hurley, Mike Jones, Gavin Thomas IPDA International Conference 30 November – 1 December.

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1 MA Leadership and Management (Further Education) Godfrey Pryce Hurley, Mike Jones, Gavin Thomas IPDA International Conference 30 November – 1 December 2007 Belfast

2 Workshop Objectives Context of MA Programme Why? How? What? Aspects of Delivery Nature and Scope of Provision Research Themes Future Developments

3 Why? Training needs analysis: –FE institutions in Wales = 25 –Total Number of learners = 300,000 (75% part-time, 25% full-time) –Funding allocation 2007/08 = £238mn –Employees = 3,000 Full-time teachers 7,000 Part-time teachers 7,000 other staff -An estimated 800 Managers -Information from institutions – clear lack of bespoke Management Training and Qualifications for FE staff in Wales

4 Why? Succession planning in FE institutions - Ageing profile of the FE Workforce (50% of the workforce could retire in the next 10 years) External factors: –Welsh Assembly Government commitment to improving public sector management –Estyn (Her Majestys Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales) concerns about the quality of middle management training –FENTO/LL UK leadership and management initiatives –Professionally qualified workforce

5 How? Partnership arrangement: University of Wales, Newport and fforwm (Association of 25 further institutions in Wales) Higher Education Funding Council for Wales – main support of funding support Education and Learning Wales (ELWa) financial support: one-off grants for management training Support from individual FE institutions for participants

6 What? Programme Structure : (i)3 Core Modules Credit Rating Current and Continuing Issues 30 in Education and Training Leadership and Management Theory and 30 Concepts Management in Practice 30 (ii)Independent Study/Research Methodology 30 (iii)Dissertation60 Total 180

7 Award Structure and Credit Rating Postgraduate Certificate-60 Credits Postgraduate Diploma-120 Credits MA-180 Credits

8 Action Research – Institutionally or Sector Based Programme incorporates much of the FENTO National Occupational Standards for Leadership and Management published in 2002 and more recently the National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership Action research : definition of the problem; data collection and research methodology, analysis, conclusions and recommendations

9 Aspects of Delivery 2 x 2 days per semester Videoconferencing Personal tutors Mentoring Moderation and Quality Assurance External Examiner Assessment (note : Welsh medium) Written assignments of : –5,000 words : Modules 1, 2 and 3 –6,500 words : Independent Study –20,000 words : Dissertation

10 Nature and Scope of Provision Total Enrolment : 124 Participation: - 21 out of 25 FE institutions in Wales (including WEA; YMCA) - Higher Education - Voluntary Sector - Local Authorities - Learning and Skills Sector (England) Males 50 (40%); Females 74 (60%) Average age on entry : Males 42.5 years; Females 41.5 years Designation of Participants : Curriculum Areas 75 (60%); Functional Areas 49 (40%) Successful completion : Summer 2007 –MA (Full Award)-25 –Diploma -2 –Certificate-3 Promotion – 15 participants

11 Research Themes Examples include : An investigation into the effectiveness of the link between financial and strategic planning at a college of further education. An investigation into the management of the student services function, in colleges within England and Wales, with critical evaluation of models based on service level agreements. Striving for excellence: an investigation into factors influencing the development of a strategy to improve the quality of teaching and learning within a college of further education in Wales. How can senior managers in FE colleges, working towards Total Quality Management, successfully bring about a change of culture? An investigation into the factors influencing the effective management of a tutorial system at a FE college.

12 Research Themes Examples include : The impact of self-assessment on teaching staff performance. Mentoring for success : An investigation into the feasibility of establishing and effective mentoring system for teaching staff within a further education college in Wales. An analysis of the quality and effectiveness of the leadership and management of further education colleges in Wales offering automotive engineering education and training to the retail automotive industry. An investigation into the feasibility of introducing the Welsh Baccalaureate Qualification into a FE college.

13 Characteristics High retention and completion rates Bilingual – in line with Iaith Pawb Accreditation of Prior Achievement Contextualisation of action research assignments Networking Mix of academic/functional managers Use of expert practitioners to present case studies to provide tutorial support Enhancing the promotability of managers and succession planning Impact of the research on individuals, institutions and the FE sector Partnership between the FE Sector and HE in Wales

14 Future Certificate in Management in Practice for front line managers Links : –Centre for Excellence in Leadership –Lifelong Learning UK –Wales Management Council –Higher Education Research Observatory Publications Concerns : –Funding –Coherent direction of Leadership and Management in Wales –Tutors: Recruitment of experienced practitioners

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