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The Middle Leadership Development Pilot Further information:

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1 The Middle Leadership Development Pilot Further information:

2 2 Background Review of College leadership programmes 2008. Increase reach and impact Support schools to develop the next generation of leaders. Develop Middle leadership effectiveness. A self sustaining system. A collaborative learning culture. Achieve Increased leadership capacity. Improved learning and teaching. Improved standards and learning outcomes for all pupils.

3 3 The Delivery Model Clusters of schools. Approximate 10-month programme. Approximately 30 hours face-to-face delivery Flexibility to adapt the programme. National College trained and recognised facilitators. Target: 20,000 middle leaders per year.

4 4 The Programme Curriculum Four key elements: Learning on the job. Support and guidance from credible peers. Experience of other schools and context. Opportunity for reflection and challenge. Three critical challenges: Reducing variation between and within schools. Closing the attainment gap. Sustaining the quality of school leadership.

5 5 Core Content Focus Leadership, management and personal effectiveness. Leadership to enhance learning and teaching. Leadership for change and sustainable improvement. Leading effective teams and getting the best out of colleagues. Collaboration within and beyond the school. Developing future leaders. Plus Online resources, research and think pieces.

6 6 Why Co-Creation? Shape and define core content. Develop content relevant to 21 st century schools. Test and Learn approach. Programme for Middle Leaders designed by Middle Leaders.

7 7 Satellite Modules CORE Satellite Modules

8 8 Diagnostic – Conceptual Model Leading Strategically Information Seeking Conceptual Thinking Leading People Relating to Others Developing Others Holding Others to Account Inspiring Others Leading Services Future Focus Serving Others Personal Drive Analytical Thinking Leading in the Community Partnership Working Broad Organisational understanding Impact & Influence Self Management Self Awareness Resilience & Emotional Maturity Integrity

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