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Educational Technology

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1 Educational Technology
by Rizalina G. Gomez, Ph.D.

2. Principles of Teaching, Educational Technology, Curriculum Development, Field Study, Practice Teaching 35% 2.1 Employ activities, teaching methods, instructional materials and technology, classroom management techniques appropriate for a chosen subject-area 10% 2.2. Apply appropriate approaches to lesson planning and curriculum development 6%

2.3. Apply principles in the preparation and utilization of the conventional and non- conventional technology as well as traditional and alternative teaching strategies 5% 2.4 Align curriculum components to instruction and assessment 2.5 Distinguish the roles of stakeholders (students; teachers; employers; parents; and community in the delivery of the curriculum) 1%

2.6. Use activities that enhance critical, creative and metacognitive reading skills 5% 2.7 Analyze extrinsic and intrinsic factors that affect reading performance 3%

5 The Meaning of Educational Technology
Ed Tech is the development, application and evaluation of systems, techniques and aids to improve the process of human learning (Source: Council for Educational Technology for the UK:cited by Lucido,1997)

6 The Meaning of Educational Technology
2. Ed Tech is a systematic way of designing, implementing and evaluating the total learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives based on research in human learning and communication; and employing a combination of human and non-human resources to bring about more effective instruction (Source: Commission on Instructional Technology, USA: cited by Lucido, 1997)

7 The Meaning of Educational Technology …
3. Ed Tech is the application of the results of researches and studies, material or non-material to improve teaching and learning Material results of researches include both the traditional or low-tech and the hi-tech instructional aids. Non-material results include the theories and principles of teaching and learning including the methodologies, strategies and techniques of teaching.

8 The Meaning of Educational Technology …
4. Includes all components of informational technology used in the delivery of educational materials. Source: 5. Educational Technology helps improve the teaching learning process through increasing the degree of learning or mastery Source:

9 Technology in Education
“ The application of technology to any of those processes involved in operating the institutions which house the educational enterprise”. It includes the application of technology to food, health, finance, scheduling, grade, reporting, and other processes which support education within institutions. The audio visual aids, software and hardware as learning materials.

10 Education vs Instruction
process used to impart learning enterprise of supplying the conditions which ensure growth or adequacy of life irrespective of age act of imparting learning act of providing activities, materials and guidance that facilitates learning in either formal or informal situations

11 Educational Technology Instructional Technology
- a field as wide as education itself, its primary concern is the design, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and learning experiences, and how to improve and learn from them respectively - focused on the teaching-learning process rather than on other aspects of education

12 Educational Technology Instructional Technology
- a combination of instructional, learning, developmental, and managerial technologies - those aspects of educational technology that are concerned primarily with instruction as contrasted to design and operation of institutions

13 Educational Technology Instructional Technology
- any move toward an analysis of the curriculum into specific objectives and instructional design, a branch of educational theory and practice concerned primarily with the design and the use of message which controls learning processes - systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on research in human learning and communication

14 Educational Technology Instructional Technology
-primary concern is the design, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and learning experiences and how to improve and learn from them respectively - technology adapted and used for educational purposes - applying scientific knowledge about human learning to the practical tasks of teaching and learning - means of connecting the teacher, the instructional experience & learner in ways that enhance learning

15 Phases of Educational Technology
Start Identify Objectives Design Learning Experiences Improvement Evaluate Learning Experiences


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18 Assigned Task: Draw a semantic web indicating the relationship of educational technology to other aids in teaching

19 Sample Semantic web:

20 Sample Semantic web:

21 Sample Semantic web:


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