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Questions for Discussion 1.Of the words written on your concept map, what is the most common? 2.Are there words that are related? If yes, how are they.

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1 Questions for Discussion 1.Of the words written on your concept map, what is the most common? 2.Are there words that are related? If yes, how are they related? 3.What conclusion can you draw on what most of you think educational technology is? 4.Is this common concept on educational technology adequate? Defend your answer

2 Group Activity In your group, discuss the meaning of educational technology and its relationship with other aids and terms used in teaching-learning situation. Write down anything that comes into your mind in a concept map. (5 minutes for sharing and 5 minutes for group presentation)

3 Module 1. Introduction to Educational Technology

4 Terms to be Covered Education and Instruction Educational Technology Instructional Technology Other terms for educational/instructional media Broadcast and Mass Media Audio, Visual, and Audio-Visual Media Hardware and Software Print and Non-Print Media

5 Technology - The systematic and systematic application of behavior and physical sciences concepts and other knowledge to the solution of problems. systematic application – is included because it is easy to pass over or leave uncontrolled many significant variables in a complex system such as learning. application- is the translation and implementation of scientific and other knowledge into a system of strategies and techniques designed to solve a problem.

6 The meaning of Educational Technology The use of technology to support the learning process. Also known as E – learning, instructional technology and learning technology. In its broadest term, the application of scientific findings in our method, process or procedure of working in the field of education in order to effect learning.

7 Education vs Instruction - process used to impart learning - enterprise of supplying the conditions which ensure growth or adequacy of life irrespective of age - act of imparting learning - act of providing activities, materials and guidance that facilitates learning in either formal or informal situations

8 Educational TechnologyInstructional Technology - a field as wide as education itself, its primary concern is the design, implementation, and evaluation of curriculum and learning experiences, and how to improve and learn from them respectively - focused on the teaching- learning process rather than on other aspects of education

9 Educational TechnologyInstructional Technology - a combination of instructional, learning, developmental, and managerial technologies - those aspects of educational technology that are concerned primarily with instruction as contrasted to design and operation of institutions

10 Educational TechnologyInstructional Technology - any move toward an analysis of the curriculum into specific objectives and instructional design, a branch of educational theory and practice concerned primarily with the design and the use of message which controls learning processes - systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the total process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, based on research in human learning and communication

11 Educational TechnologyInstructional Technology - primary concern is the design, implementation and evaluation of curriculum and learning experiences and how to improve and learn from them respectively - technology adapted and used for educational purposes - applying scientific knowledge about human learning to the practical tasks of teaching and learning - means of connecting the teacher, the instructional experience & learner in ways that enhance learning

12 Phases of Educational Technology Start Identify Objectives Design Learning Experiences Evaluate Learning Experiences Improvement


14 Other Terms for Educational / Instructional Media Training aids Visual aids Audio aids Audio-visual aids Learning resources Instructional materials Educational materials Multi-sensory materials

15 Broadcast MediaMass Media - medium that disseminates info to a large number of recipients via telecom - media envisioned and designed to reach a very large audience - radio and television - newspapers, magazines, comics, radio, television

16 Audio MediaVisual Media - emphasizes use of hearing -emphasizes use of the sense of sight Audiovisual Media -emphasizes use of hearing and seeing - radio, audio discs, recordings, language lab, etc. - charts, pictures boards, diagrams, maps, models, etc. -TV, videotapes / discs, sound filmstrips, printed materials with recorded sound

17 HardwareSoftware equipment and related electronic and mechanical components programs, printouts, or instructional materials that go with the machine

18 Print MediaNon-Print Media - printed word is used predominantly in transmitting information -info is transmitted predominantly through AV media - guide sheets, handouts, study guides, manuals, newsletters, books - TV, models, real objects, audio recordings/discs, etc.

19 Sources: Aquino, G., Abellera, R. and Hidalgo, L. (1988). Principles of teaching and educational technology. Manila: National Bookstore. Garo, C. (2007). Teaching educational technology. Manila: Rex Publishing. Gentry, C. (1987). Educational technology: A question of meaning. From Educational media and technology yearbook 1987. Littleton, CO. Libraries Unlimited. Grabe, M. (2004). Integrating technology for meaningful learning. NY: Houghton Mifflin. Jones, B. (1999). A differentiating definition of instructional technology and educational technology. Available online.

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