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Internet and Web Cam Activities in the L2 Media Classroom Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh Claire Bradin Siskin, University of Pittsburgh.

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1 Internet and Web Cam Activities in the L2 Media Classroom Elizabeth Wylie-Ernst, Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh Claire Bradin Siskin, University of Pittsburgh ACTFL 2005 Convention

2 Web page for this session: actfl2005webcams/index.html

3 Overview : Introduction Procedure How did we do it? Conclusion »ConclusionConclusion

4 German 1101Advanced German Media class

5 Introduction Student profile: Undergraduates at the U. of Pittsburgh 6th or 7th-semester German students Majority are German majors. Students are already media consumers. Reasonably proficient in basic technology.

6 Course Goals: Grammatical reinforcement Vocabulary expansion Rhetorical strategies Proposing and defending a position in writing Oral argument Understanding cultural differences in context of the Standards

7 The web cam activity met these course goals: Linguistic Functional Cultural

8 Revisiting the Standards

9 Perceptions Cultural attitudes underlying broadcast text ProductsPractices The broadcast newsOrdering of news segmentpriorities Editing Making decisions/ presentational style

10 Introduction Diversity in Learning and Social Styles

11 Standards Procedure: A 3-day Project Pre-production Session: InterpretivePre-production Session: Interpretive Cultures, Comparisons, Connections Production Session: InterpersonalProduction Session: InterpersonalCommunication Post-production Session: PresentationalPost-production Session: PresentationalCommunities

12 Day 1 in Lab Class meets in Media Center Review website Report to class Pre-production

13 Class meets in Language Media Center

14 Deutsche Welle Review website with class:

15 Day 1: Language Media Center Working in pairs, students then choose own website news stories from Deutsche Welle and report about them to class using the following worksheet as a basis of discussion.

16 Day 1 Class Worksheet: Deutsche Welle 1. What is the broadcast topic?_________ __________________________________ 2. Summarize the content of the story (basis for script): __________________________________ 3. New vocabulary I learned:__________ _________________________________ 4. How is the presentation different than that of an American broadcast? Why?__________________ 5. What else would I like to find out about topic?




20 Students listen to a news report


22 Students answering worksheet questions

23 Go back to Deutsche Welle Choose/review your topic for presentation. Write a script based on that topic. (Approx. 200 words) Homework after Day 1:

24 Day 2 in Lab: Production Session Warm-up: compare answers to homework sheet Web cam demonstration Choose partners and rehearse Create videos

25 (video clip was linked here) Day 2 in Lab: Performance Phase: Students create videos based on their scripts.

26 Videos produced by students: Gretchen (video clip was linked here)

27 Greg & Justin (video clip was linked here)

28 Kristin & Cary (video clip was linked here)

29 Students reactions to the performance phase:

30 Post- Performance Homework: How successfully did the presentation of your topic content reflect German media conventions? (Culture and Comparison) Greetings and closings Physical proximity Word choice/political spin

31 Post- Performance Homework: How would you have performed an American broadcast on the same topic differently? What did you learn about your own use of German from watching your video? (Communication )

32 Preview extension activities and next days homework. Students react to seeing themselves on video.

33 Homework: Students write critiques of videos (200 words)

34 Day 3 in Classroom: Post- production Warm-up: share critiques of videos Possible extension activities: –Create whole class video production. (Culture, Comparison) –Have students write research papers on video topics (3 Cs) –Have students create German discussion board on topics (Communities)

35 Day 3 in Classroom: Post- production Students chat with Germans on own topic- present or report the exchange (Communities) Students vote on most interesting topic; find speaker, write reports on speakers presentation (3 Cs) Students go on field trip to see American variation of most popular topic Students write report on experience (3 Cs)

36 Case Study in the Standards: Cary F. Day 1& 2: Filled in worksheet on web topic, created script for 3-minute broadcast on elections. Performed script. –Content: Revisited new vocabulary from DW, reviewed passive, new extended adjective structures. (Communication) –Performance: Observed authentic body language, demeanor, dress of newscaster ( Cultures, Comparisions)

37 Case Study in the Standards: Cary F Day 2/3: Reaction Paper (Comparisons) Commented on her own presentation: Approximation of authentic delivery. Intonation, body language, camera contact. Use of new vocabulary Communication skills, including grammar, accent.

38 Case Study in the Standards: Cary F Day 3/4: Extension Activity: Presentation and report on topical exchange with German web cam partner (Communities) –Summary of Discussion Theme –Profile of Conversation Partner –Video of Dialogue –2-Page Written Analysis

39 The activity was easily adaptable to: Diverse learning styles Levels of proficiency Specific classroom goals Project reinforces linguistic, functional, and cultural goals Easy to accomplish. How the web cam activity met our course goals:

40 How Did We Do It?

41 Mac lab: iSight cams BTV software for video capture PC lab: Pyro cams Hardware and software:

42 Demonstration

43 Other uses of webcams: Self-introductions Employment portfolio: Hire me Online dating service: Date me American Sign Language signed stories Video teleconferencing

44 Within the constructivist tradition: Students use language to create their own messages.

45 Questions?

46 Thanks for your attention.

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