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E-Portfolios Cheryl Chapman Instructional/Web Designer.

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1 E-Portfolios Cheryl Chapman Instructional/Web Designer

2 Lets define portfolios Collection of materials or artifacts Designed for a specific objective Focus on Mastery Skills Attitudes Knowledge Includes reflection Evaluation Provides evidence Effort Accomplishments Progress

3 Portfolio Groups...P 3 Process Documents learning journey Outlines, Drafts and Strategies Beginning – middle - final Product Materials or artifacts student chooses as best Criteria for inclusion Document the quality and range Accomplishments not the process Perceptions Reflection

4 Types of Portfolios Developmental Teacher Education Proficiency Showcase Employment Skills Professional College Admission Post Graduate

5 Why? Fosters active learning ownership and control of learning Motivates students Feedback Discussion of student performance Benchmarks Accessible Store multiple media Easy to upgrade Cross-reference of student work interdisciplinary

6 Advantages Learner Centered Outcomes Centered Integrates Curriculum Instruction Assessment Accessible Easy to Update

7 Challenges Time consuming Decisions concerning content Easy to Update Integrity/Password Protection Technology Learning curve Feedback Well, did you get it? I sent it more than 10 minutes ago

8 Whats in there? Lifelong Portfolio Writing sample Standardized test scores English/Math assessments Oral communication skills Course Level Portfolio Projects Assignments Templates Discussions/Debates

9 What should be in there… Table of contents/Directory Themes/Categories Goals and Objectives Benchmarks Summary of Completed Courses/Activities Planning guide Current status of Learning Plan Writing sample Transcripts Evaluations Faculty Employer Self-evaluations Student Reflection

10 Lets define e-portfolios Whats in a name Digital portfolio Electronic portfolio web-folio e-folio Collection of materials presented in an electronic format Web CD ROM Portable Hard Drive

11 e-Contents Lifelong e-portfolio Writing sample Standardized test scores English/Math assessments Oral communication skills Course Level e-portfolio Projects Assignments Templates Discussions/Debates

12 Creating e-portfolios Text Word processor Spreadsheets Database Adobe Acrobat - PDF Graphics Imaging Software Photoshop/Image Ready Fireworks Graphs/charts Diagrams Audio Mp3 WMA (Windows Media Audio) Aif Video avi mov RealOne Windows Media Player Models 2 Dimensional 3 Dimensional Animations/ Simulations Flash Web pages/Web sites Html, XHTML, etc Dreamweaver FrontPage Web interface or CMS

13 What to do with the e-thing… Storage Database FileMaker Pro Access Sharing Internet Downloadable Streaming CD ROM/DVD Portable Hard Drive Assessment Criteria Rubrics Standardized test Projects etc

14 Tools you may need… Computer Microphone Webcam or other video camera Digital or film camera Scanner Additional disk storage Program to organize materials

15 E-Portfolio Assessment What students must know/be able to do Outcomes based, authentic assessment Student reflection on their own work and progress What do I need to do? Does it meet criteria for mastery? Yes? Go to next skill No? Correct until mastery criteria is met So now what? Student is responsible for their own learning Demonstrate student is learning What How

16 Authentic Assessment Performing real-world tasks Demonstrate meaningful application of essential knowledge and skills Why do I need this? Does this apply to the learning outcome

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