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P hrases and Clauses in C oncession and Opposition.

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1 P hrases and Clauses in C oncession and Opposition

2 Complete the following sentences in your own words. 1. Despite the problem on greenhouse effect,... 2. In spite of the effect of the global warming,.,.,. 3. Even though illegal loggers exist,,.. 4. Instead of not showing any concern,.. Activity 1

3 5. Instead of just watching the news about the illegal loggers,.. 6. While the Guatemalan women find ways to plant more trees,.,.,. 7.While greenhouse effect spreads faster in the city,.,.,. 8.Even though we are already warned about the effects of global warming,..

4 1. 1.there are still a lot of people who take the problem for granted. BACK

5 2.people still burn leaves. BACK

6 3. there are still a number of people who are willing to plant more trees. BACK

7 4.we should help each other to lessen the greenhouse effect. BACK

8 5. everyone should plant trees or cooperate in any environmental programs. BACK

9 6.other people cut trees. BACK

10 7.they grow slower in barrio. BACK

11 8.We still act as if we dont care. BACK

12 Prepared by: Raissa Kyla L. Tan Anna Jorel T. Tumulak Christine Anne Louise R. Villasor IV-Boyle

13 Submitted to: Mrs. Reena Orquina English Subject teacher

14 END….

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