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GROW GREEN THE GROW GREEN PROJECT Climate Change and What You Can Do!

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1 GROW GREEN THE GROW GREEN PROJECT Climate Change and What You Can Do!

2 Weather Weather is all around us It can be hot, cold, windy, wet, or dry What’s the weather like at your school today?

3 What’s your favourite kind of weather? All weather is nice… as long as you dress right!

4 Weather CHANGES!




8 Climate STAYS THE SAME! Every year, winter, spring, summer, and fall repeat This is our climate!  Hot AND Cold

9 Well… USUALLY Climate Stays the Same Maybe you’ve heard that the climate is changing?

10 Climate Change What CLIMATE CHANGE words have you heard before?






16 The Greenhouse Effect Have you ever been in a greenhouse? What was it like in there?

17 The Greenhouse Effect Greenhouses are heated by sunlight

18 The Greenhouse Effect The glass walls and ceiling trap the sun’s heat inside the green house. The glass acts like a one way door: Heat can get in but it can’t get out.

19  Greenhouse Gases make the Earth behave like a greenhouse

20 Atmosphere Earth The Earth is surrounded by gases; our atmosphere

21 Heat from the sun warms the Earth

22 Some heat escapes back into outer space

23 Some heat tries to escape, but is blocked by the atmosphere

24 Greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, make the atmosphere thicker.

25 The thicker atmosphere traps more heat; making the Earth warmer

26  Sometimes, people call this Global Warming.

27 Why is the Climate Changing? Partly because we humans are using too much energy. We burn fuel to make energy.

28 Why is the Climate Changing?  When we burn fuel, we release Greenhouse Gasses, like carbon dioxide.  What’s one of the fuels we burn most often? Here’s a hint 

29 The Climate has already Changed a bit Warm Spring weather has come sooner every year As a result, Wildflowers and Frogs are appearing sooner every year When will the Climate Start to Change?

30 What will happen?  Some parts of the world will have more rain and floods

31 What will happen?  Other parts will have less rain and become like the dessert  Both Changes will have big impacts on how people live their lives everyday.

32 Everyone can make a difference when it comes to climate change! You and your family can start by cutting down your energy use a little bit everyday. How can I help?

33 Save ENERGY! Turn off the lights you aren’t using.

34 Read a book instead of watching TV Save ENERGY!

35 Walk to school instead of driving. Save ENERGY!

36 Take shorter showers and use less water in the tub Save ENERGY!

37 Carpool Save ENERGY!

38  Hang your laundry on the line instead of using a dryer Save ENERGY!

39 PLANT A TREE! Trees absorb some greenhouse gases, helping to keep the Earth cool! If we all do a little, big changes can happen!

40 THE GROW GREEN PROJECT  This year, you and your classmates are going to help make a difference

41  You’re going to collect tree seeds….

42  Plant them….

43  And watch them grow, right here in your classroom!

44  At the end of the year, we’ll plant the trees in your neighbourhood!  Your trees will help the environment and help slow down climate change!

45 This year, We’re Growing Oak Trees!  Oak trees live for about 200 years  Over that time, each tree will absorb 1 tonne of Carbon Dioxide!  How much is 1 tonne?  It’s about 10 000 apples …or 37 grade 3 students …or 1 Smart Car

46 From little things, Big Things Grow!

47 Project Supporters:

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