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GenTax® Upgrade to Version 9

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1 GenTax® Upgrade to Version 9
Executive Sponsors Demesia Padilla, CPA Cabinet Secretary John Monforte Deputy Cabinet Secretary Greg Saunders Chief Information Officer May 23, 2012

2 Project Abstract The purpose of this project is to upgrade the tax administration software for the State of New Mexico, GenTax, to the most current version, GenTax version 9. This project will: upgrade the current hybrid V5/V6 version of GenTax to GenTax version 9 replace the mostly site specific version 5 Refunds/TOP module with a core refund module version 9 implement a new data warehouse, GenTax Discovery implement a new business credit module implement the latest security technology to protect tax payer data implement the latest generation web-centric architecture Scheduled Start Date: June 1, 2012 Scheduled Completion Date: June 30, 2014 Amount Requested this Certification $6,230,000 Amount Previously Certified $0 Remaining Appropriation not Certified Total Appropriated Amount Funding Source Amount Laws of 2012, Chapter 19, Section 7, Item 4 a new GenTax data warehouse (Discovery) to allow TRD to better facilitate the use of external data for increased productivity and increased revenue streams on the audit and compliance side, as well as increase our efficiency and fraud prevention on the revenue and return processing side. a new Business Credit Manager module to handle the ever increasing types of business credits a new refund module to better leverage new technologies in preventing fraud and detecting the use of stolen identities for refund fraud

3 Project Deliverables Implementation – Phase 1 Target Completion Date
System Design & Development of Refunds Module Version 6/TOP June 30, 2012 System Design & Development V9 TAP & Data Warehouse Pilot July 31, 2012 System Validation/Production Implementation V6 Refunds/TOP October 31, 2012 System Validation/Production Implementation V9 TAP & Data Warehouse Pilot Implementation - Phase 2 System Design & Development V9 GenTax January 31, 2013 System Validation V9 GenTax May 31, 2013 Production Implementation V9 GenTax June 30, 2013 Implementation - Phase 3 System Design & Development Business Credit Manager January 31, 2014 System Validation Business Credit Manager May 31, 2014 Production Implementation Business Credit Manager June 30, 2014

4 Project Budget Description FY12 FY13 FY14 Total Staff-Internal
Consulting Services Contract # TR12-38 Consulting Services with FAST Enterprises to upgrade GenTax Software to Current Version $200,000 $4,350,000 $1,250,000 $5,800,000 Contract # TR12-45 with Burger, Carroll and Associates, Inc. to provide IV&V for Phase 1 and 2 of GenTax Version 9 Upgrade Project for FY13. IV&V Contractor for Phase 3 TBD for FY14. $54,094 $108,188 Project Management Services Contractor TBD for FY13 and FY14 $160,906 $321,812 Hardware Software $4,565,000 $1,465,000 $6,230,000

5 Project Governance

6 Project Milestones Milestone Target Date Budget
Initiation Approval & Certification 4/18/12 Implementation Approval & Certification and Release of Funds 5/23/12 Implementation Phase 1 System Design & Development Refunds/TOP 6/30/12 $200,000 System Validation/Production Implementation Refunds/TOP 10/31/12 $400,000 System Design & Development TAP & Data Warehouse 7/31/12 System Validation/Production Implementation TAP/Data Warehouse $250,000 Implementation Phase 2 System Design & Development GenTax V9 1/31/13 $1,200,000 System Validation GenTax V9 5/31/13 $1,800,000 Product Implementation GenTax V9 6/30/13 $500,000 Implementation Phase 3 System Design & Development Business Credit Module 1/31/14 $225,000 System Validation Business Credit Module 5/31/14 $585,000 Product Implementation Business Credit Module 6/30/14 $315,000 Project Close-Out $125,000 Total $5,800,000 Total appropriated = $6,230,000 Fast contract ,800,000 IV& V contract ,188 PM contract ,812

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