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New Mexico Corrections Department

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1 New Mexico Corrections Department
Executive Sponsors Deputy Secretary Of Administration Aurora Sanchez Director of Adult Prisons Jerry Roark Deputy Director of Adult Prisons Anthony Romero CMIS Upgrade PCC presentation for the Initiation Phase March 28, 2012 Chief Information Officer Timothy Oakeley Aurora does introductions of NMCD team and talks briefly about the importance of the CMIS project to the agency. Project Manager – Dan Donoghue

2 Criminal Management Information System (CMIS)
Web Enhancement & Customization The Criminal Management Information System (CMIS) is the core information system for New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) which tracks approximately 26,000 offenders who are under the jurisdiction of the Corrections Department. This system allows the Department to manage the institution and field supervision population. This includes tracking offenses, time accounting, classification and other factors relating to supervision. The CMIS has been ranked, by the Department of Information Technology, as the #2 most critical application in the state, as it relates to disaster recovery. Aurora talks to this slide, giving general background on the project. Most important point to make here is how CMIS affects the operations of the entire department. 4/5/2017

3 Project Key Points The $1.1M in previously appropriated funds for the web migration of the Criminal Management Information System (CMIS) was expended by June 30, 2010. In Laws 2012, the NMCD received $643,000 for web-CMIS, including term FTE This request of $135,000 is to hire one term position for the two-year life of the project. The remainder of the appropriation ($508,000) will be requested during the implementation phase. The implementation phase request will include funding for the IV&V contract. NMCD has done extensive planning for this engagement during the business case development and for the project charter so none of the appropriation will be used for planning. The web-CMIS will have an impact how NMCD addresses recidivism and ensures the safety of its employees and the public by providing and maintaining inmate and offender information. Independent Verification & Validation (IV&V) was under contract for FY09/10 and rated the project as green in the final report. Tim covers this slide with the project key points. 4/5/2017

4 NCOMS Alaska Department of Corrections Idaho Department of Corrections
New Mexico is a member of the multi-state consortium National Consortium of Offender Management Systems (NCOMS). Member states are joining resources to enhance the CMIS and migrate to the new web-based environment by leveraging NCOMS investments and development. Alaska Department of Corrections Idaho Department of Corrections Montana Department of Corrections New Mexico Corrections Department Oregon Department of Corrections Utah Department of Corrections Missouri Department of Corrections Adjunct Member – Texas Department of Corrections Tim talks briefly about NCOMS, mentions that he is vice-chair and that we have received code from Missouri and Utah as well as given them our code. 4/5/2017

5 CMIS Project Timeline 2012-2014
The biggest impact on this timeline will be production support. It is a variable that cannot be estimated at this time Dan will talk about the timeline for the two year project. Frontloading year 1 with $270k and year 2 with $210k. Major point to make is that production support could affect the timeline in a negative way.

6 Statewide Initiatives Compliance
Governor’s Priorities and State IT Plan Reduce cost of government operations through Information Technology Leverage NCOMS efforts Lower support and maintenance costs State Enterprise Architecture plan Consistent with and supportive of the State’s strategic direction Designed to support department core operations CMIS supports the entire range of departmental services from pre-sentencing through parole and probation. Treats data and information as enterprise assets Agency Strategic Plan CMIS upgrade is the department’s priority one The agency’s disaster recovery/business continuity plan is being utilized for the project. Dan talks about how this initiative is in line with the various government guidelines. 4/5/2017

7 PCC Gates 4/5/2017 Initiation Gate
Requesting $135,000 to fund one term position (Business Analyst) The term position will be hired for both years of the project. Planning Gate NMCD will request to bypass the Planning gate and, if approved, move forward to the implementation gate for our next review and certification of funds. The Department believes the planning that has gone on for the C2 business case and the project charter satisfy the planning gate requirements. Implementation Gate NMCD will request $508,000 in implementation funding. This will carry the project from 7/1/2012 through 6/30/2014 The funding for the implementation gate includes IV&V and professional services Closeout Gate The agency will not be requesting any funding for the administrative closeout of the project. Dan talks about how we plan to approach the PCC gates. 4/5/2017

8 Fiscal Status Past CMIS Funding FY04 CMIS Development $400.0k
Total – $1.1m Expenditures to Date FY06 Gap Analysis $ k FY09/10 CMIS Project $1,020.0k Total $1.1m FY13/14 Funding $643.0k Term Position $135.0k IV&V $ 30.0k Professional Services $478.0k Dan will recap the previous funding for the project and the current appropriation from the legislature. 4/5/2017

9 Summary The Corrections Department is in the midst of migrating our entire Criminal Management Information System to the web as well as adding critical functionality and increasing security. We are working in accordance with the Governor’s and other State initiatives We are asking, in this Initiation Phase for $135,000 to hire 1 term position to provide business analysis and quality assurance services to the project. During the timeframe of this project, we also have considerable production support responsibilities for the current CMIS. Production support is a variable that could affect project timelines. Through our collaboration with NCOMS, we are reducing the need for state funding that would be required for independent development of the system. All ITD development and business analysis staff will be working on this project as priority number one. Tim will summarize the presentation and then ask for questions. 4/5/2017

10 Thank You! Questions? 4/5/2017

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