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Holding Slide. What does Social Media mean to your business? could Slide : 1 / 315.

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1 Holding Slide

2 What does Social Media mean to your business? could Slide : 1 / 315

3 Time taken to reach 50 million users FaceBook added 100 million users in less than 9 months. Tech adoption is speeding up

4 By 2010 GenerationY will outnumber baby boomers 96% have joined a social network Define Social Media

5 LinkedIN 80% of companies are using LinkedIN as a mainstream tool for recruitment

6 Facebook Fastest growing segment on Facebook is 55 - 65 year old females.

7 Twitter Aston Kutcher has more followers than the entire population of Wales.

8 How does it touch your business Social media Sales & Marketing Customer Service Networking Traffic Recruitment 80% of Twitter users update from their mobile phone. You have never been more connected

9 Unique Visitors UK Reach Time Spent Affinity Sites FaceBook31m41.7%23:20 (2.2x) (2.0x) odeon (1.8x) MySpace8.9m12.2%21:40 (3.8x) (3.5x) (3.5x) Bebo8.1m10.9%26:40 (5.7x) Windows Live (4.7x) (3.9x) Twitter3.1m4.3%13:50 (13x) (9x) (7.5x) LinkedIN2.3m3.2%10:40 (12x) (7.5x) (6.7x) Indicative data for United Kingdom Month: Feb 09 Source: Ad Media Planning App Platform Characteristics

10 Platform Growth Charts Indicative global data. Daily Unique Visitors over 2 years. In August 09 Facebook served 200 billion pages across the world. The BBC served 3 billion

11 % maleAge Income (h/h) No Kids (h/h) Twitter 5535 / 44£50k+80% Facebook 4525 / 34£30 / £50k65% LinkedIN 5225 / 34£50k90% MySpace 5518 / 24<£15k55% BeBo 420 / 17£30k / £50k--% F/Reunited 3035 / 44£30k / £50k75% Audience Demographics Indicative Global Data as at Feb 09 Source: Ad Media Planning App

12 GeneratesConvertCreate Analyse and refine viewsdiscussionsleadssales Sales Process conversationdialoguecontent relationships measure

13 Whos getting it right There is no standard solution or set of rules. Whats your clever idea for your brand?

14 Compare the Meerkat 1 Is this the future face of marketing?

15 Compare the Meerkat 2 Does social media deliver real business results? Market Share tripled Brand awareness 4th to 1st Visitor acquisition down 80% hit 6m users in July 09 21% of them clicked through to

16 Digital Strategy Social Sites Podcasts Email Marketing VideoCasts Corporate Blog Corporate Website Sales Enquiry Purchase An integrated digital marketing strategy. Is more than a Facebook account and the odd Tweet.

17 Summary 1. Social Media is not the work of the devil 2. Social Media is not magical 3. It is just another comms. channel 4. If you couldnt market before, nothing has changed 5. Personal & Business use is different

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