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MYDJ The Digital Music Store; agnostic online & mobile SIGN UP FREE.

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1 MYDJ The Digital Music Store; agnostic online & mobile SIGN UP FREE

2 Digital Music Industry 25% growth to US$3.7 billion in trade value – Aus $40m Digital platforms - 20% of recorded music sales, up from 15% in 2007 Monetising" access - multitude of channels & platforms Single track downloads, up 24% in 2008 to 1.4 billion units globally, continue to drive the online market, but digital albums are also growing healthily (up 36%). Generation X & Y is key end user

3 Mobile Phone Industry Mobile is the future – always with you 24/7 8.55m 3G handsets (December 08) up 88% - over 10m 2009 Most ubiquitous device The conversation – needs to happen seamlessly & consistently across all devices Responded quickly (96% SMS read in <20 mins)

4 MyDJ Journey User Experience, Functionality & Console The White Label Product Technological Developments – Whats Next Target Market Revenue Opportunities The Challenges

5 MyDJ – the music store Agnostic online & mobile - compatible across handsets & teleco's Exclusive content – direct from the record labels (look at impact on white label) 1.5m songs that can be bought, shared and downloaded 400 Music Labels including the majors & global distributors - Largest digital music database in southern hemisphere 30 genres of music Borrow before you buy Share favourites with friends – value of recommendations Dual Purchase Playlist creation tools Music Managers Console - service

6 64% of consumers will try something recommended by a friend. 69% will forward something they like to from 2 to 6 friends. - Jupiter Research Sept 2006 Value of Recommendation

7 User Experience Sign up is free for users Personalised playlists Users selects 3 favourite genres to customise their music experience Unlimited re-downloads of their songs Dual download - $1.99 for (mobile & PC) Music stored forever – The Vault

8 Functionality Access via WAP, through or No J2ME or application downloads on either PC or mobile Libraries of purchased songs are synchronised with their mobile & PC The music is protected by custom DRM - compatible with 70% of 3G handsets Shopping cart – multiple purchases

9 Music Managers Console Custom built CMS back-end solution – full management Reporting Revenue earnings Activation of tracks Integration into any system or product – globally

10 The White label Product

11 Why White Label Value add - giving customers added value Interactivity & engagement - community A point of difference Creating loyalty Branding opportunities Tailored functionality Mobile access & connection

12 3 Products 1. The Content – the value add – Provide your customers with the latest, exclusive music through MYDJ. 2. The Tool – ease & functionality – Branded – Content – Use the CMS to add your own exclusive music or tailored play lists – Flexibility for independents/events 3. The Package – the managed service – Branded, content, CMS & TigerSpike Service – Tailored solution – Add additional functionality to your product offering - integration

13 Technological Developments

14 Whats Next DRM - Free More tailored functionality Across more mobiles Adserving capabilities More interactivity – competitions, user playlists, share address book, ratings, forums etc. Greater in depth search Mac friendly content - iPhone

15 White Label - Target Market

16 Target Market Telcos/ISPs Handset manufacturers – value add - preloaded app on the phone Retailers operating in real & virtual space can promote new service to their existing and potential client base. e.g. Kmart, Woolworths Digital Radio Stations – our favourite Rock playlist Retailers providing a service – as add on e.g. Airline, holiday operators, gyms – your travel/workout playlists ARIA lists- all the latest original OZ bands Individual DJs – add to current site offering – listen to favourite lists Organisations that would like to provide special service to their personnel e.g. ABC/SBS

17 Revenue Opportunities

18 Opportunities 1.Mobile component 2.The 3 products - & TigerSpike service 3.Revenue share options could include: MyDJ - Charge for placement in key high traffic areas Charge for additional elements – advertising, editorial Freemium sign up to subscription model – look at revenue opportunities Carriage & branded bundle with a Telco For retailers by removing logistics overhead

19 Challenges

20 95 per cent of music downloads are unauthorised, with no payment to artists & producers DRM – DRM free on the way & integration Mobile handset support – unpredictable market Integration – new systems challenges Merging & integrating - Music Video watching capabilities, games, latest news, artists & tours information Competition – first mover ABC Stores Leading Edge Apple AroundMusic ninemsn Music BigPond Music Optus Chaos Music Ripit destra Music Soundbuzz JB HI-FI Triple J Harvey Norman

21 MYDJ An online & mobile music synchronised solution

22 Agnostic - handset reach Synchronised across mobile/internet The TigerSpike service Competitive price. Exclusive content Clear & simple solution Large potential market – White Label Summary

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